Opensource freelancer I came to Western Q3 since 2005, in 2008 I proposed my first patch to the Smokin' Guns team. Official member since january 2009, now I'm the official Smokin' Guns Linux release maintainer.

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FBO effects in Smokin'Guns

SG_Tequila Blog

With Smokin'Guns Beta v1.1b3 release, we publicly made available OpenGL framebuffer object (FBO) support providing neat effects like rotoscope or bloom effect. Most work was done by Gord Allott (see also related feature request in ioQuake3 bugzilla). Thanks again Gord !!!

Rotoscope renderingGreenHill Lake and Rotoscope effect
Rotoscope renderingRotoscope rendering
Rotoscope effect

Bloom effectBloom effect in Smokin'guns
Bloom effect in Smokin'gunsBloom effect in Smokin'guns
Bloom effect

Here are the most important few stuffs that was changed from the original Gord Allott patch:

  1. FBO effects are only applied on 3D rendering, so UI is not changed at all
  2. cvar usage was rewritten to avoid problems when setting them from UI.
  3. GLSL used programs can be loaded from the game PK3 or simply from config folder for developer convenience.
  4. Few minor bugs was fixed

About point 3, for Smokin'Guns modders, programs can be loaded from /scripts/PROGRAM.glsl files where PROGRAM can be glslBase_vert, glslGauss9,glslGauss7, glslGauss5, glslBlurMain, glslSigScreen, glslSobel, glslSobelZ, glslToonColour, glslRotoscope or glslRotoscopeZ...
To test your GLSL program, you can also start the engine setting cvar "developer" to 1 and put your GLSL program to test as PROGRAM.cfg (like glslToonColour.cfg) in your configuration folder, next to your q3config.cfg file.
To try tuning FBO effects, get the GLSL programs addon. And leave a comment about your success !


Smokin' Guns Weapon fire code refactoring

SG_Tequila Blog

Howdy cowboys,

I'm still active on Smokin' Guns 1.1 branch and I just want to present a little my work on rev310. The great news, it is another step toward a beta staging... The bad news, It helps to show new nasty bugs in Smokin' Guns...

So here is my published comment for that r310:

sg_tequila wrote: Weapon fire code refactoring:
- Added Weapon_Trace API to easily add trace debugging entity in debug build
It is now possible to visually debug trace on client side (only in debug build)
- Added g_debugWeapon cvar in debug build
- Review some code in prevision to higher refactoring:
FireWeapon & ShotgunPellet should share some code in next update
Weapon fix:
- Really check we are not shooting ourself
Media added:
- Added shader and picture to draw trace debuggung entities
- Added sg_developer.pk3 PAK creation and copy in copyfiles-debug target

I won't go deeply in any code explanation, sources are opened and they should be self-explaining for any interested hacker. This r310 revision is firstly a hack to refactor the weapon fire code. I really think this is just a first step as we have 2 kinds of shoot, gun bullets and shotgun pellets, and their respective code is now more similar than ever.

Also for who doesn't know about Smokin' Guns, we have a great feature: we are able to shoot through walls. You can just now check my video section to see how trace can now be debugged to just show how it behaves.


PS: You can follow our discussion about that revision in our forum:
Weapon fire code refactoring

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