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Hopeless Night

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Going into Estranged, I was expecting quite a bit because of all the positive reviews and impressive looking media. Overall, I was not impressed, but i was not necessarily disappointed.

Mapping started strong in the beginning. The outside environments were lush and realistic looking, and the inside areas were filled with appropriate furniture, but later on the outside areas seemed too open and empty, and the inside areas looked like bare rooms with a few scattered props. Maps were also lacking ambiance at times which threw out the atmosphere. There also seemed to be a lack of zombies which got rid of the entire "Infested Island" feel.

Sound and music were very well done. Sounds seemed fitting, and the music sounded superb. Like I said earlier, it would have been nice to hear some more ambient sounds. Voice Acting needs some improvement. Everyone sounds similar and talk almost like robots.

Story wise, it seems like everything that happens is really rushed. The guy in the beginning was acting like he really wanted company, but he sends you off alone almost immediately. At one point your on a train and not three minutes later you're on foot again.

Overall, I'll rate it a 6/10.
(I realize this is in alpha, and I hope to see it improve in future updates!)


SkyMoMod V13

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Very fun mod that delivered. Now has support for Resurrection of Evil. The health pool was a nice touch as well. Lots of custom maps as well!
Very good! 10/10


Scary Barrells

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Pewdiepie and Stephano

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I've been watching this mod for almost a year, and I can't tell you how disappointed I was with it. The game starts out pretty scary, but ends up getting very dull after the first few maps. Everything that is supposed to scare you is usually a jumpscare. (Something coming out of nowhere making a very loud sound.) The maps were all good a so. Some of the enemies were very laughable. The plot was confusing and hard to get into. Enemies are too tough and ammo/health is VERY limited.

Overall, I rate it 4/10, because it got too bland too quick and stopped being scary.


Amnesia Hill

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This custom story was sadly to say, very poorly made in my opinion. Maps were very bare and empty. Scares were very lacking and too many of them were jumpscares. Puzzles seemed way to easy with the orange light telling you everything needed. Some models, (especially the doors) seemed very out of place and overall very strange looking. Textureing was very badly placed. Lighting was also very bad considering that it was almost always just a point light covered red and put with a huge radius. I also was expecting to see some custom monsters out of this CS but only saw the Penumbra: Black Plague creature.

Amnesia custom stories should never have a combat system, PERIOD. It ruins the whole style of Amnesia. Going through this I was never actually scared, but I was on the edge of my seat because of the constant jumpscares. Overall, I'm rating this 3/10. Those 3 points our going to the fact that this is a full conversion. (And I know those are not easy to make.) Fill up the maps a bit more, improve on the scares, add a custom monster, and I will be much more interested in this.



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Very overrated and overhyped for being a mod similar to many others. I find other zombie mods to be much better than this one, considering this is a game of run as far as you can and see what kills you. 1/10 from me.

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