Been playing video games since I was 5 years old on the ps1,ps2,xbox360 and now after years of living the peasant life,I ascended to be a honorary member of the PC master race haha

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I absolutely love it, it's a very special modded experience and definitely only for those who can handle it, I must thank the team for making such a great mod and listening to the community, the only reason I did not give a 10/10 is because of the slight performance issues with some rigs, however I've even had fun doing my own tweaks and managed to get the game running stutter free, on a 512mb NVidia gtx210, I7870K 2.9Ghz, Intel desktop board, and 8gb of RAM, but then my hard drive failed before I could make a guide and now I run with slightly better hardware. But in conclusion, I don't think there is a single COP I have seen, which comes close to beating it in every aspect, this for me is the true survival horror mod. Thank you TZP and MDT!

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