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Saosin @ Back to the Future: Hill Valley

Be patient? Who said I was unpatient? I'm simply stating the obvious truth that no one wants to believe. This mod is on it's dying breath if it's not already dead.

As for the Town Square being 3/4th done, they've had a perfectly fine working model of the 1955 Square for years now. I want to say it was released in like 08 or 09. They're spending time working on little crap like making the clock on the clocktower work and making it chime. Those are nice and all, but is it really what they should be focusing on.

And that's my basic criticism of how the team is focusing their efforts. They focus on the little things when they should be working on foundation issues. It's like if someone is building a house, they pour concrete and build 2 walls, then go start decorating those walls while half of the house isn't even built.

My other complaint, as ~Leaf~ so eloquently displayed, is the fact that you don't dare give the slightest criticism unless you want the uber-mod-fans jumping down your throat. If this was the actual forums, I probably would have been banned already for these comments with how the moderators run it over there.

I love what they've done and I'll give them all the credit in the world for where they deserve it. But I'm not here to worship every text they write and attack anyone who might say something that's not "OMG YOU GUYS ARE AMAZAZING!!!one!1".

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Saosin @ Back to the Future: Hill Valley


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Saosin @ Back to the Future: Hill Valley

RIP - BttF:HV.

Great mod with a TON of potential. I followed the progress of this mod very closely and was a fairly active forum member when the original team was really making huge head way.

Unfortunately, this mod was kind of doomed from the start imo. I think the original team got sidetracked by far too many minor issues and appeasing fans when they should have instead been focusing on the big picture. The dev team spent too much of their prime modding years making sure every bolt on the DeLorean was perfect or debating whether or not there should be a gas meter when what they should have been doing was trying to model the terrain and buildings. By the time the mod team started building the Clocktower and Downtown Square, the mod was basically already on life support.

My other gripe I had with this whole mod was the way they over-moderated their forums. They had so many rules and regulations for posting that it became nearly impossible to attract new fans. I get that hearing the same question over and over again is annoying, but the mods were so hostile to new ones at times that it's no wonder the forums died as they did.

Again though, I loved what the mod team - in their many incarnations - was able to do. They really pushed that engine to it's limit and produced some incredible modifications. It's just a shame that more focus wasn't applied to the important aspects of getting a full TC completed back when the mod was going at full steam.

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