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FEAR Resurrection is an alternative supplement, which I develop now, God forbid memory, 4 years. Official add-ons from TimeGate Studios, frankly, not really stuck.

So, the story is built around the hunting Paxton Fettel.
By FEAR 2: REBORN has nothing to do. Moreover, it overlaps with another game from Monolith - Condemned: Criminal Origins.

Addon features:
1. Increased detail of the game world.
2. A new voice.
3. Added new music.
4. Added many new textures, reworked some old textures.
5. More destructible.
6. Increased complexity of the passage.
7. The large size of the levels.
8. More open spaces.
9. Added new effects.
10. Add dynamic shadows from your flashlight

11. The possibility of a nonlinear transmission levels (not all of course).
12. And... more fear :)

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DeXiaZ - - 974 comments

Моё ув0жение за работу над F.E.A.R. Желаю сил довести проект до логического завершения!

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sadobash Creator
sadobash - - 622 comments

Спасибо большое. Буду стараться!

Reply Good karma+2 votes
Bo9da - - 53 comments

Мотивэйшон для стараний я так понимаю иссяк? И адаптацию под стим-версию можно не ждать верно?

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BarTwoOne - - 37 comments

I am torn between:
-F.E.A.R. Ressurection is better, than original F.E.A.R. and both expansions all together. Much scarier due to paranormal activities mixed with sudden enemy ambushes.

-F.E.A.R. Ressurection is ******* annoying QuickSave/Load Festival, which forces player to camp and retreat cuz of scarce medical supplies and ridiciolous enemy numbers.

So, there is my question "Is amount of enemies intentional or is it because of putting MMod under it ?"

Played on Hard Difficulty. I recorded below YT clip, cuz beeing ****** of just by the next ecounter (initiated by Elite, who jumps trough wood baricaded window)...

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feargm - - 10 comments

Hey Sadobash, I just wanted to thank you for creating F.E.A.R. Resurrection, nowadays I can finally experience it at high graphics and above 60 FPS and it's absolutely wonderful. Some of the best levels F.E.A.R. has ever had in my opinion, way too fun, thank you so much!

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tmy1994 - - 7 comments

А можно вопрос мод заброшен?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes
sadobash Creator
sadobash - - 622 comments

Да как-бы нет. Да, подзатянул немного, каюсь. Погряз в мелочевке, так сказать... Но работа кипит! Дорогу осилит идущий)

Reply Good karma+3 votes
bobokalonov909 - - 9 comments

Надеюсь, что вы еще идете.

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Frank9945671 - - 192 comments

Загляни в ЛС, мой друг.)

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sadobash Creator
sadobash - - 622 comments

Дык заглянул, и даже ответил)))

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