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Oh god it's been over a year since I updated this thing.

My internet has been less than useful to me since July, I've not been playing any online games since then, I've resorted to single player only games, which actually becomes quite depressing over the course of 6 months, the only things I can really do with it is just, browse websites, upload, and download, it does it at a relatively good speed, but it has the stability of a nuclear reactor having grenades tossed into it. SO NOT VERY GOOD. I've simply resorted to making a journey over to one my friend's places and playing Team Fortress 2 from there. That is what my online life has dissolved to. ;-;

Any who, enough of that, I've been playing some rather interesting video games for some time such as Dishonored, and Prototype 2, for starters. There are more but I don't feel like writing out a dick load of paragraphs.

I greatly enjoy the atmosphere of Dishonored, it's as if Bioshock and Half Life 2 were blended into one. The characters, plot, game play and the soundtrack are all lovely.
I've only played through it once, non-lethal, got the good ending, and it made me feel good in the end.
I've yet to play through it on the lethal way, so I've yet to see what happens in that out come.

Prototype 2, the one game that made a mixture of three emotions, happiness, anger, and sadness.
Happy because I waited a long time to play it, anger for how shitty the port was and how fucked over PC gamers were thanks to Activision, basically, shutting Radical Entertainment down so we will most likely never see the DLC on our computer screens. And sad because of certain stuff you do to a certain someone in a certain point of the game. Not giving details on that part because spoilers out the ass and I don't really want to be the person who ruins the whole game for people who want to play it, and have not yet played it.

Also, P.S. on the spoilers of Prototype 2, don't go looking on YouTube for gameplay videos of it and to look at the top comments that will ruin the whole experience for you. I found out the hard way. feelsterribleman.

And I plan on updating this blog thing more often than I do now, with less... retarded things. I re-read my last blog... sweet Jesus, I had to delete it for how embarrassing it was.

Any who, that's all I wanted to say so, bye for now. Also, here's a pic of me and my very orange looking room.

Early Merry Christmas to the lovely people of ModDB.

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