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DLC Quest

Game review



Zombie Grinder

Game review

I am/ was a huge Zombies Ate My Neighbors fan.
This is incredibly fun on many layers!
There is already alot whack of content to enjoy.
The gameplay is smooth and action packed :D
Great music!!

When this was writen
Rank= 2 of 5,661
Clearly should be rank 1, minor error I guess.

Congratulations to Twin Drills!

(I thought there was a problem with swinging bat towards top of screen. But realized I was a fraction of a second to eager to smash the zombie! After a few moments of forcing myself to correct, I realized the mechanics with the bat are seemingly perfect.)


Star Wars Conquest

Mod review

Another layer of endless fun, added to a game of endless fun.
Against all of my thoughts, this really does work well!



Mod review - 3 agree

Blown away! Wow. What a ride!
Deep deep story, amazing atmosphere.
Smooth and raw action :D


Project Reality: Battlefield 2

Mod review - 2 agree

Truely a great mod!
The maps alone are just amazing, but combine that with all the great tweaks and additions.. You have yourself quite and experience.
I've been playing this mainly single player, you can find the means to do so searching good for a pr sp mappack, I think it is for version 95, but it seems to still work well!
It is also worth mentioning I have steam version of BF2 collection, in which the .exe seems to cause problems with many BF2 mods. The PR community in their forum helped me to realize this and fix many of my bf2 mod related problems.
I am still learning more and more about this mod, and loving every minute I'm alive in game. The player manual is also very well done, and helpfull to get an example of what you are getting into.
One of the first maps I played singleplayer, consisted of joining a massive convoy of light vehicles. We continued to storm a nearby city district. The feeling of travelling in convoy was quite amazing.
The gun play and kit setups are also very well thought out. It would seem everything in this mod has had serious thought put into it.


Median XL

Mod review - 1 agree

Just getting into things here. First was so stubborn about closed I overlooked this as a jumble pile of mod.
My loss.
Enjoying this alot! Expecially since I can downgrade to 1.12a and use multires mod, skill respeccing feels odd in d2 anyways =)


Cube 2: Sauerbraten

Game review

Suprisingly great old school fps fun!


Project Zomboid

Early access game review

Very interesting style of game. Just like everyone else, can't wait to see this games future.



Game review - 4 agree

This is just the beginning :D
Play it, make you own opinions!

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