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rtpHarry @ Mission Improbable Patch - Source SDK 2013

I got the virus warnings as well, I had to download it in Firefox and then unblock it, Chrome wouldn't let me at it at all.

2017 players note: Even though the SDK is 2013 you do still have to opt into the beta version of it for this to work, otherwise it showed part of the into logo and the crashed for me.

So far I am really impressed with the level design!

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rtpHarry @ Transmissions - Element 120 1.04

Installed SDK Base 2007, extracted to the folder \Steam\SteamApps\SourceMods\e120\, restarted steam but its not showing up in the list...

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rtpHarry @ Day of Defeat Source High Definition 1.87

It looks like the install path is wrong in the installer. It says you just need to change it by replacing your username but because its from several years ago it doesn't take into account the steampipe update (i think) which moved default game folder for dods and also that you can have multiple game library locations now. So the correct install location (by default) would be C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Day of Defeat Source\ I went to the location and just moved the files over to the correct place and it works fine now.

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rtpHarry @ Project 25

Great level design, really mimicked the hl2 world. I had fun playing it. I appreciate that it was only a single level because you did it for a school project but you should carry on and flesh it out to a full episode.

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rtpHarry @ Radiator 1-1: Polaris

Nice idea! I thought the music on the radio was very relaxing but I didnt like the way the sounds clashed when the game events occurred.

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rtpHarry @ Jailbreak

Rushed level design, and buggy too, worth downloading only because it will only waste about 10minutes of your time to complete it.

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rtpHarry @ Wivenhoe: The fall of Ravenholm

Dont waste your time on this. The basic level design of the outside of the base's buildings is good but thats where it ends.

------ spoilers ----------------------------------------------

You start off on a ledge and jump into ankle high water which breaks your fall apparently, and then have to run around with minimal health and no ammo but a crowbar. Something that takes me 5 or 10 tries before i get to shoot a single person did not start me off in a good mood.

After finally just sprinting off when the combine started shooting at me again I finally made it up into the base and it went downhill. The switch on the floor set of alarm bells in my head. I wanted to like it but there were too many issues that got on my nerves. Like holes in levels that you jumped at and just bounced off invisible blockers, a fence would have worked better. The rooms that you enter from the vents are very disproportioned, and also the slope to the right after you first enter the building via the roof is out of line. The random water tower in the basement just confused me. The screaming headcrab zombie did make me jump when i went over the wall. And at the end I never actually finished it properly because the gate was shut so i just ran along the railing and jumped over the gate and the end ai didn't trigger.

I had just finished playing the Ravenholm mod when I saw this advertised and it looked mighty slick, and i was looking forward to it but it turned out to be a big let down.

If the author of this mod reads this then I found a few bugs in it they might want to fix up for a later release., i jumped up on the decoration to see if a gun was inside and found a hole in the level.

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rtpHarry @ Eclipse

Its a shame its so short as this game is very impressive. The level design is really good, im not a fan of 3rd person games or medieval themes, but they pulled it off for this mod.

Understandable as to why the mod is so short, because it was a uni project, and from looking on the forums it seems that they are looking to get together a community map project so you should check it out if you really want to see more maps in the game! There have been plenty of posts this year on the forum so the project isnt dead or anything.

Bugwise I didnt really spot anything major, except they should have turned on backface culling with the player character because when you back her up into a corner the camera zooms inside her skull and you can see the inside of her face... although this isnt so bad because its the closest you can get to a proper look at her :)

A toggle for 3rd person mode would have been nice so i could have really gotten in there and examined the level design more closely.

Just out of curiousity if any of the creators are reading this was there originally supposed to be something on the other side of the broken bridge at the start or was it always planned like that. Oh and can you actually open the gate with the massive axe in ? I just boshed the wall down next to it in the end :P

Actually I do have two more bugs, both at the cottage with the tip in for killing the fairies. 1) I blasted the furniture around in there before reading the book and knocked the table flying but the book stayed floating (ok you could say its a magic book... :P) and if you face the cottage from the outside, and go down the left hand side, looking right over into the distance you can see some kind of z-buffer display glitch where a bit of mountain that should be hidden is visible over the top of another bit of mountain!

Thats it, A++ mod for the quality, and also for the tidbit that source engine will work on older gf cards ok... I thought my dads computer was too slow for it but now i will wow him with hl2 :) Inabit!

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rtpHarry @ Ravenholm

---- review section ---------------------------

When I first installed it the mod i thought it was going to be an amatueristic one, the level design in the first few levels seemed a bit plain. However, after getting past that, it really started to pick up. This mod is defo worth playing through, i did it in three sittings, and there are a good few hours of play time in there. Several puzzles got me confused for a while, which is great! Others were easy, but i have read in these comments that some people have been stuck with them so a good balance. Some genuinely scarey moments. I dont know if you wrote any of the music yourself but it was used well when to get the heart racing during some action sequences.

---- feedback section ----- possible spoilers, dont read past here if you havent played the mod -----------

Like others have said could do with some work on the english translation, but is fully playable as is.

Adding the secrets in that can only be got after you complete the game and play through again is a nice touch.

One thing was annoying, you need some mechanism for turning the notes off again, like walking away, or pressing a button...

I never did figure out how to get past that electrical section in the sewers level, because while trying to solve it i walked back to the previous level for an extra crate and when i reloaded the level with the puzzle in, all the crates from that section (in water and around edge) had disappeared! I couldnt see any way to solve it so it and i didnt have a save game so i just no-clipped my way through.

One question... WHO was pushing all those flaming barrells onto me? :P

All in all a very nice first mod, congratulations!

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rtpHarry @ Mistake Of Pythagoras

I really enjoyed playing this mod, the first few levels are very polished, but after a while it starts to feel a little bit rushed. Inventive puzzle designs, and a nice blend between fighting armies of bad guys and figuring things out.

I must say that a few times I was left not being sure what to do, one of the times it was because I had to kill an entire army of badguys before the next sequence would begin.

Experienced a few bugs in the game such as level two, with the roman style house in the countryside; the lighting was bugged out, floors and walls were pitch black. And in the level where you go between the ridge and get down to the house with the rotating rainbow vortex above it there were some combine soldiers that were not drawing properly, all i could see was their guns.

Like others that have posted comments I played for a while and got to the manhack spawning rotator blade, and my teammates went hero styles and got themselves killed so I called it a night.

All in all an impressivem mod!

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