I am a retard and it took me 20 years to figure this out!...

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Report RSS It was bone labels for the commander model..... (view original)
It was bone labels for the commander model.....
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RT2... Author

Also that head....
...Was there any head issues?

This is after the head is changed to head01

Just thoughts buddy. :)

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Ok i am really stupid it was obviously the fact that the bones were named differently (lacking the 01) There are some issues still, mostly because the praetorian seems to be "taller" than the commander but that can't probably be solved by simply disabling the problematic anims.

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RT2... Author

that would be my positioning problem.

And I may be able to fix it with the translation and rotation methods I used this morning.

then when the rotation and position is set, it should in theory just be a pelvis, the real pelvis, scale in max. :P

I hope.

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Ok what i did was replacing anything below pelvis by pelvis and after testing replaced hands by forearm just because the hands were not synched correctly with the arm. It was simply a trick to keep the body solid but i can guarantee that it wasn't working correctly before either. It was simply an effort to salvage something out of an apparent train wreck :P

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RT2... Author

How did my communication go with the picture?

Did it make it easier to see what the bones had to be independently labeled as?

My communication may seem poor as I am still looking for potential dementia recovery methods I haven't tried yet with the person I care for. :P
Spending $300 to get her to gain 3 KG in two weeks seemed insane, but had to be done. :P
So to get her up to 60kg, it will take another $1K. :P

Being gluten free, I cant use a lot of food stuffs. :P

Life as a carer, is a bit insane some times. :P

That is why I pushed out the body syncs as fast as I could this morning, as I didn't know when I would have time after that. :)

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As I thought with the talked about body twist would be based off of pelvis.

A trick will be replacing spine as you will need to do it on a selection as there are multiple spines. The other spines should be an easy text replace.

803f should need to be used on that loose hand.

What is in blue you can text replace with what is in the chunk.

Remember I am just trying to communicate about this as getting back I lost some skill. :P Bloody child abusers... :I An online position I have held for too long. :P

As expected, everything below pelvis, ends up as pelvis, just a text replace.

I am not sure how well I communicated that, Please Advise. :)

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