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UnReal World

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While far from cutting edge in any sense I am finding it to be extremely deep and enjoyable for the price.

Now If I could just survive past 15 days we would be in business. ;)



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I give this mod an 8. That is actually quite high as only an incredible mind blowing piece of work should get a 10. I mean.. Im talking taking stalker and turning it into.. A crazy badarse total conversion for an entirely different theme. That should be a ten.

What you have here is a very well done mod. Seemingly focused on making the atmosphere more menacing and dreary, which creates a mood, and tweaking the game to be more challenging in a style that suites the modders taste. And it is done with a fair bit of quality. There are various interesting features added in from other mods gathered by this developer as well as some original ones.

Now I would have been tempted to give it a 9. But I feel some things were tweaked just a little too far in the name of making the game challenging. I like how they were done. Just not quite the extreme they were taken to. Now I wouldn't personally call for a huge change like many cry for. I'm talking like a 10-15% difference. If I wanted vanilla I would play vanilla.

My only current fear is that the modder may be too influenced by the exaggerating whiners and either drop the mod all together or chop down difficulty too far in an effort to stop the squealing.

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