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Get a Life

Mod review

. Pretty good weapons. probably the best overall weapon is the first machine gun you get. This is mainly because it's secondary is a melee attack which is helpful for dealing with both normal and fast zombies at the same time.

. Decent Story

. This game makes it so that way you are more careful of how you use your healing items since along with your main hp, your head, chest, arms, and legs also have health bars and you can get punished if you don't heal them which is a rather interesting concept.

Middle Ground:
. Combat can be hit or miss. Sometimes you get some very good fights but other times they can be either annoying or way too easy

. Dubbing is ok. Some actually sound decent like the radio host and Rachael but others aren't even trying.

.The Flashlight is now part of a separate weapon that is part flare gun and part flashlight. This would be nice if the flare gun wasn't horrible. It doesn't do damage, the light from the flare is small and doesn't last long, and sometimes it just doesn't work. This is especially bad during moments where you have to fight enemies in the dark.

. the key binding is rather questionable. For some reason, the last weapon used key is unbinded since Q (or A in French Keyboards) is reserved for a grenade launcher in one of the machine gun upgrades. I had to bind the last weapon myself in order to be able to switch between my previous weapon and my flashlight fast

. The Final Boss is way too easy. Once you get rid of the shields in the second phase, you can just shoot from near any of the doors and nothing can target you


Strider Mountain

Mod review

I wanted to like this mod but my goodness this is awful.

for starters the weapon reskins are unnecessary and tedious. especially the sniper rifle which is just a crossbow with fast reload speed

The cut scenes are awful because not only does it not fit with half-life but most of the time it's very buggy. I often see Gordan Freeman floating in T-Pose instead of walking.

Finally there are way too many ******* enemies. Like Jesus Christ I had to lower the difficulty to easy but I couldn't even make it halfway because of the **** ton of enemies.

Overall an awful mod don't buy it


Azure Sheep

Mod review may contain spoilers - 1 disagree

. Decent story
. Models look great
. Enemies can be fun to fight against


. Kate's AI is retarded and will sometimes stop in the middle of a hallway.

. Kate only has a pistol throughout the entire game. It would have been helpful if she later received a machine gun

. The 4 helicopters you encounter at the end of the game requires you to keep all of your rocket ammo as you only get about 8 rocket ammo and each helicopter takes 2 rockets/explosive to kill.



Mod review

The Event in Village

Mod review
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