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Valdis Story: Abyssal City

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Depths of Peril

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Depths of Peril is one of those games you never mind. Generally because it is said to be just another Diablo clone. Well, for some part this is true. So why bother with Depths of Peril?
Mostly because the game offers some advances and some differences to the Diablo Action-RPG-based gameplay, though it never manages to become better as its idol Diablo, in terms of Hack&Slash gameplay. If you just want that, stick with Diablo.
If you like to know how Hack&Slash can be combined with a Clan-centric war, where diffenrent objects from loot can be attached to your "house", in order to improve the overall abilities, and fight together with NPC's through random maps, then Depths of Peril could be for you. While it allows only up to 4 NPC's in your house, from you can choose only one to accompany you, one of the better features is, that you actually see what your AI enemies do at the same time. If they go on a raid, into a dungeon, etc. you'll meet them and have diplomatic choice, in terms of trading, alliances, adventuring together. All in all there are a lot of choices, that make gameplay somewhat more deeper. The diplomatic part reminds me of Civilization, the Hack&Slash is Diablo, the mix reminds me of the SNES Module Actraiser. The game is worth a try, it is focused towards a long gameplay (weeks), and the gfx arent too terrible. I rated it with a 9, just out of a 10 hurs game session.
But Depths of Peril has its flaws as well - the most annoying flaw for me is the misfit between the enduring gameplay and the little missing nuances, which leads to a repetetive gameplay after awhile. The emphasis on the strategy part, isnt what the gameplay is ableto offer yet. perhaps, as one example, the houses should have been implemented as different villages, offering many more possiblites!



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Video Game GEM!
This is a masterpiece of indepentent video games.
Can't start about all i did like, it is too much,
but hopefully there is a followup with all the
extra options, like 16/10 support etc.
Fantastic game.

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