Assume the role of Wyatt in this Action/Exploration Platformer as you explore the ruins of a holy city that was lost many years ago. Battle various types of demons, angels, and a new threat known only as the “Ferals”, using swordsmanship, martial arts, and sorcery. There are many customizable skills and equipment that will aid Wyatt on his journey.

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Incredibly solid Action RPG with a ton of polish. A real success story from a garage developer, you owe it to yourself to check it out.


The game plays smoothly and combos are a joy to execute. For the budget they were given they did what other companies with 10 times the amount of money couldn't do. One of the most polished Metroidvania games out there. There's 2 character with their own move sets and skill branches with two more to be released later on.

Definitely worth the 15 bucks.

Every aspect of this game is well-made ! The soundtrack is mindblowing, the gameplay is both exciting and relaxing, the graphics are really really beautiful, and the game is unique. You should at least try the demo version =).

Despite having written the music for this game... I do own it and have played through it several times, in several versions. This game has come a long way from when I first played it... and I absolutely love it.

The art is beautiful, I love the story, and the gameplay while proven to be difficult... is very rewarding in the fact that it requires you to learn or be strategic and not just go in "guns a blazin'" like a lot of games these days do. You really have to think about what you are doing, there is no "perfect" way to build your stats/upgrades, and as such it's able to be molded to fit your playing style.

It's a rarity that I ever play a game more than once, and I've played through Valdis Story about 5 times now, 3 of those just for the sake of playing it again and trying to make new discoveries about the game. Best of all... lots of awesome stuff coming in future updates...


Strongly recommended to any fan of Symphony Of The Night. It's not so dark, but still very good.


A fantastic side scrolling adventure game in the spirit of Super Metroid and Castlevania. The art and music are fantastic, the story so far is great, the gameplay is solid, and combat is suprisingly brutal.

I can't wait for the rest of the game's content!

Fun, tough platformer. Haven't been able to stop playing since I picked it up. Hell of an indie game, very polished.

It's what awesome eats for breakfast? Here's a Kirby as I have nothing more I can say, loss for words! (o'.')o

It's a metroidvania, it's good good combat, good story, and is a lot of fun.

I'm looking forword to replying it with the other charaters and on harder difficulties


This game is amazing. High quality graphics with great visual fedility, an amazing soundtrack and interesting story, and gameplay that will keep you coming back for hours.

And hours.

And hours.

And hours.

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Incredibly solid Action RPG with a ton of polish. A real success story from a garage developer, you owe it to yourself to check it out.

Sep 8 2013 by 0kt