I am the programmer / designer of SYNTH. (Rhys Hovey) A C64/COCO2 kid at heart (I think I'm still a 64 kid :),. I've worked at several games companies,. EA,Ubisoft,Rockstar,Climax,.. and "others",.. I've worked very hard to try to bring you a unique experience with SYNTH(tm),. check it out,.. but make sure you have a good CPU and GPU :),.. Making this 3D game and it's graphics all with C++ programming, left optimization secondary :) (it's not that bad though) it's an 8 thread app :)

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Um,. I've not been paying attention to this very much, but I'm still very much at large, building SYNTH "the video game" and DAMSIN MUSIC MACHINE. In fact so much has been done to DMM that the "new versions" of SYNTH are going to need at least 6-8 cores, and such. There will be a small 1.7 release, that will be basically synth v1.666 with DMM on background soundtrack, but the new DMM {after almost 2 years) is a REAL CPU hogger, to have anything to do with a QUAD CORE, and run SYNTH at the same time. Maybe a really fast overclocked one, can handle it pretty good. SO,. I'm stil out there, but SYNTH is a project "on hold", until a bit more. {"evil never dies it waits to be rhyboard" - Mani-2}

Oh, by the way, my new CONTACT info is: (rhyshovey@gmail.com) has been hijacked, and I am locked out of it.


also rhyspaulhovey@gmail.com is my new e-mail address as well,

Yes folks here it is, after many months SYNTH version 1.666 (MASTERS RELEASE) is HERE at MODDB !!

Here are some of the highlights:

- MASTERING SECTION of "complex wavespace" SYNTH, takes away "MUFFLED" sound!! (major fix)
- ALL new "holographic" 3D volumetric textures !! (very pretty!!)
- Many gameplay motion enhancements, including soft cieling, blending.
- Tokens now give "life, and wind, and bomb". (what were those colored tokens for??)
- Major graphical Cleanups and enhancements.
- All new mastered "soundtrack" with jukebox.
- New easier directions and "manual" included.
- Bug fixes (bugs?? should be near 0)

If you've never experienced SYNTH video game, v1.666 is a H*LL of a TIME TO TRY!!

SYNTH v1.666

recommend INTEL i7-920 or greater CPU
4 GB or RAM
Geforce 570 or Greater (recommend geforce "660" or 580)
16 Bit Sound Card
Windows 7-64 (may work on Vista)

** NOT TESTED ON ATI!!! May not work. Please if you got a chance let me know what you are experiencing for frame rates, particularly with anything higher than a 560 Ti. My 560 Ti is Min 6-7 fps, whish is annoying. Drop me a comment.

rhyshovey Creator

Oh, I forgot to mention the new way that you can get ahold of me "in public" I have a simple "form" no login or anything,. quick and easy. I'd love to hear from you!


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rhyshovey Creator

OH MY,.. this video is ANCIENT ANCIENT!!!!!!!!!!!!

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rhyshovey Creator

Thanks for the compliments :),. SYNTH is slow I know,. unfortuantly optimizations take a lot of time (i'm the math-artist and programer),. I decided to have more game, instead of a faster,. less detailed game,. some of the graphical tricks in there are -really- expensive as well (texture fetch H_LL),. not to mention that SYNTH is now a "10 thread" application. BUT I do have some good news for anyone who is interested,. the latest version in download has a framerate increase of around 20% or more from the previoous (depending on GPU),. so you shouod see something better,.

This is my computer specs and framerate (at opening,. "in game")

9 FPS (on open)
2.33 CORE 2 DUO with 4 Megs Cache
nVidia 9800 GTX+ (512)
DDR2 667 (dual ported)

The good news for SYNTH is that on my system,. the GPU is 25% idle still so within the next few months I may be able to harnass this,. my CPU is kinda slow though,.

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Hey, I tried out your game SYNTH. I was getting 9 - 15 FPS. Awesome game, confusing at first. I figured it out, though.

This is what I played it on:
Intel Core 2 Duo E8500 @ 3.9GHz
GeForce 8800 GTS 640MB (Stock)
4096 MB DDR2 [391.1 MHz (16:15) @ 4-4-4-12]

So, I'd have to say.. that's a lot of code and calculation. I can run Crysis maxed with around 30 - 40 FPS. lol Great job!

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rhyshovey Creator

did you try version 1.666 ?? It's new. Much cooler!

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