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5 Hours was spent on your mod. It is hands down the best mod, I've EVER played, on any game. I've never felt such fear in my ******* life. It was an experience I will never forget, and it really felt that you poured your heart and soul in that cs and the end result was absolute perfection.

Idk if you will even see this, but I just have to say how much I appreciate you. I honestly can't stop shaking, the story was amazing, the puzzles were better than I've ever seen before. So ******* innovative.

And the fright aspect is out of this world. I couldn't stop playing because I felt that I just could not sleep until I finished this. And it was WELL worth it. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

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this mod... ive a difficult time calling it a mod. cause it was so good!! i would rather see it as one of the games in the amnesia collection. frictional games should hire you for sure!!!! this mod felt like a game on its own, very well made!!

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I'm Having issues trying to get this mod to work with my copy of Amnesia. I've tried to google it and reinstalling Winrar but I have had no luck. Is there someway that I could connect with you (or anyone else that sees this) for some help? If not I understand.

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I fixed it and played it through great mod! I'm just wondering if you have plans to start another mod in the near future? Really curious to find out because of how awesome Amadeus was. Another mod from you would be a fine addition to Moddb's collection.

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Hi I want to know what the music/ piano soundtrack in the library is called and where i can listen to it online. Thanks

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Everything about your mod was incredible. Usually a mod is lacking at least one feature, because there is so much that goes into a good horror game, but you nailed every part - atmosphere, story, detail, puzzle difficulty, pacing. PACING! Just unbelievable how well placed the scares were, far enough apart that every room seemed threatening without over-the-top scares. I loved that the puzzles were simple enough that I didn't need to look up a walkthrough, but complex enough to make each level take a little longer to search and figure out the next steps. My personal favorite part was the conservatory. I hope you keep hearing the great feedback you deserve!

This mod is an obvious 10/10, but if you're interested in feedback I had 2 minor thoughts:
-In the first puzzle with the 3 switches to open the library door: There was an identical switch in the main floor (the one that toggles the music) and I personally got confused after only finding 1/3 library switches + the main floor switch. Perhaps initiating that "clicking" sound after the ANY of the three buttons, not just the first button, would hint to the player that there are other buttons nearby.
-The final chase scene was so intense, but I was interrupted because I personally couldn't find the wooden crank. I don't know if anyone else had this problem, but the blue candle-light near the crank negated its purple glow, which usually indicates that one can pick it up. Because of your excellent level detail and without the glow, I mistook it for ambiance and didn't notice it until my third search. Perhaps remove the candle so it stands out more? For me that would've kept that amazing chase sequence uninterrupted.

These are just issues I personally encountered, so they may or may not be universal. Either way, this is my favorite mod by far and I'm so impressed with it!

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Reminiscity Creator

Thank you so much! I have indeed gotten alot of positive feedback, but when you spend 3 years on something without much of an objective perspective, it never really sinks in. I appreciate your comment as much as I did the first 10/10! :)

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Do you have a page where I could donate? I would love to show my appreciation for the mod and incentivize you to make another amazing game!

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