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Zombie related Game idea.

Darkcraftia Blog

I'm trying to figure out what libraries to use with Ruby. Once i find one i need to see how to make a window that can be re-sized around for the players perfect fitting. I'm trying to figure out for build 1 on how the screen would look like while there's a basic GUI menu that would show:
>Health(More health can be obtained by having amour on)
>Resources Tab(Recourse's used to protect yourself from oncoming monsters by the day)(Examples of what would be built: Traps, Barriers, Workstation's, Weapons, etc)
>Ammunition tab(Shows how much ammo you have of the specific weapon that you are carrying)
>Inventory screen(Maximum of space: 25)
>Character Tab(Shows your stats and how much money your holding, Your name, Age)(Optional: Your crew name(if found survivors).

Health is recovered by 1 every 2 minutes while in the resting position or eating food which can recover a random amount of health. Health can be extended by having amour on which can have a different amount of health depending on what the stats it can have. Armour can lose its durability from how much damage it can take or from anything else that can affect how it can handle damage.

Money can be used by the small villages/towns that are still alive from the monsters that are attacking which would attack on random days by a single group or a army that can take them all down. Money can be obtained from looting homes that have been left alone or from anywhere that has a chest, locker, etc. Money can be used to buy new amour, amour repair, weapons, ammunition, resources, tools, food, or anything that will help you to survive.

Resources can be used to make barriers, traps(most traps that can be built for start are pitfalls or a small turret that can shoot 1 bullet every 10 seconds). Your resources can be collected by gathering it from the wild, dropped from monsters that can be carrying a small or big amount of it. Can be bought from villages/towns that can have resources in stock for sale or any NPC's that might be willing to sell some that they may have laying around there.

Traps will help you defend your small base that is a small wooden house. Your house be upgraded but will take time to build, the same for building your traps. Building can take a small amount of resources and a time to build, a pitfall would take these resources(10 wood planks, 5 hours of labor)(tools required: Shovel, Hammer). Building can be very improving to make your traps much better by how it would react from a movement, your house can be upgraded from a wooden house to a metal bunker that can withstand hordes of monsters but if there's enough protection to help out.

Ammunition can be looted from homes that have been left alone, loot able objects, bought from any NPC's that sell any. Ammunition is very important for you to defend yourself and your crew(if made) from monsters. If ammunition has ran out and unable to find any than the other choice you can use would be to use melee weapons but that can drain away how much stamina you can use.

I might have a decent idea for a 2D game(or bad). If anyone wants to provide tips or advice if i should go ahead with this or change around the idea a bit more to make it related for a RTS, or a TBS. If you have anything that might help me to code this will be much help since im still learning on how to use Ruby and OpenGL

Going to be away for a while

Darkcraftia Blog

Looks like ill be away for a while since im taking control of my minecraft server again and im still learning more on java and C++. Ill be busy in summer with both of those and maybe a job if im lucky to find one. I have a long way to be a game developer ;3 ill be looking for loads of videos and books on java, c++, javascript, c# and other scripting languages. Im looking at diffrent source cods of games and im just editing them around looking at what happens when i do something. Pretty funny while messing with minecraft source code, finding new ways on how to make my version of the game fun but very crazy(tnt explosions are like nukes) xD but ill never show what i have done.

What i plan to do now.

Darkcraftia Blog

What i plan to do now:
-3D Game.

-Keyboard, mouse input.

-6 Crew members with your main character which you can control. You cant control the rest but you have your priorities to do still.

-Terrain Generation to make a Earth like ground with random specs of different blocks that are not analyzed.

-Small cut scene in beginning showing the Ship console screen blinking 'WARNING" in blue.(if possible to do the animation and add it to Java).

-Game will be made with Java first then ported with C++ if they want 2 versions of it.

-Crash site will be able to penetrate the surface and 1 or 2 underground levels(depends where the map generates the location of it)(hopefully not outside the map).

-Some physics would be added(if i learn it and be able to understand it while testing it on testing projects).

More Ideas for my space colony game.

Darkcraftia Blog

Name: N/A Genre: Sand Box, Space Age, Town Building, Strategy Ideas:

  • Crew of 7 members spawn on landing site.
  • Able to salvage around the ship for crates full of a month long of food and replacement parts for your ship.
  • Your able to explore and collect resources thats outside your ship to build craft able items, buildings, weapons, Armour, etc.
  • Your able to use the ships rechargeable(Reactor/Generator) to use as electricity on your workstations but with limited power and recharging time.
  • AI colonies that are severely damaged from unknown enemy hostiles.
  • AI civilian groups scavenging are able to trade with or persuade them to join your colony.
  • Recourses that are collected are counted up and taken to storage crates which are separated by name.
  • Unknown hostiles would lurk around the crash site but will not not attack you unless you attack them first, They are neutral at first.
  • Hostiles that are defeated would drop many necessary recourses that would be needed to build or expand something on you colony.
  • Exploring units are able to move out on unexplored land which can show whats out there around the crash site which can be destroyed colonizes, mines, research centers, etc.
  • Each explored are can help out in finding out where they are located and what has happened to this unknown planet.
  • All crew members can be equipped with weapons and armor that would have to be made and repaired from damage thats inflicted from enemy battles.

SpaceColony Game Idea i got

Darkcraftia Blog

Heres a list of small idea i got to make if i can ever make this type of game. Im still thinking of what else there would be dor a type of game like this. I was thinking of making it 3D/2D with different aspects to each character. Have a small cut scene in the beginning showing the story that would happen but it can take months to do this alone right now because most of Vaceitos members are on vacation from school or testing.
-Start on a random planet after crash landing your transport ship with your crew members(6)
-Explore the unknown land of this planet while fighting aliens and weird experimental creatures that were sent away from the Earth government.
-You start off with your transport ship which has been supplied with around a month supply of recourses- that are vital for survival.
-You find abandoned colonies that look like they have been captured by whatever is lurking in this parts of space.
-You have the option of having multiple colonies that are still alive but with massive damage that has caused them to live underground.
-Most planets are like clones of earth but have different effects on you like the food and resources.
-Most food and resources will spoil after some time and requires that you save it in the little containers that each crew member has within them.
-To gather more members to your crew from this clone looking planet most of the damaged colonies might try to negotiate with you in trade or joining.
-At random times you will have to encounter the experiential creatures from the government which are mutated animals, humans, or robots that have gone wild and irresponsible which cause the most damage to anything they would find of living.
-To survive most attacks you have different tactics which the leader of the colony has power to like(exp. Attack with all you have, Defend at all cost, Run and hide underground, and any tactics that are most used).
-You can live aboveground or underground which can be helpful or bad depending whatever is found most safe(Aboveground you have the chance of being attacked but have more time to gather whatever is found anywhere, Underground is safe but your members would have to deal with going up the ladders or the elevator of your ship if you have found a way to remove it and use it for something helpful.
-You can demolish your ship to use its different parts to make weapons, equipment, containers, homes, or spare parts that can repair damaged items.

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