Hey I'm Bernt, I enjoy doing game dev in my spare time. I do: - Coding - Level Design - 2D Art - Simple animating & rigging Cheers!

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An incredible sci-fi mod, can't wait for the Steam version!


Cry of Fear

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A true masterpiece.


Sven Co-op

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I remember when I first tried this mod which was at least over 6 years ago. I was amazed! It was brilliant, funny and great! I used to play it for myself on the old 1.5 version. Non-Steam Support, old sierra stuff. I quickly got attached to the Toonrun map and I kept playing it over and over. This mod got a lot of fun gameplay, dozens of maps with customized weapons, npc's and so on to make the mod feel different in each map. You don't get tired of it, you can't stop lovin it. More people need to play this mod!


Black Mesa

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Just by watching the trailer you decide your final opinion, AWESOME! A+++++++++



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I rate Grey 6 due to the lack of gameplay and story build up.
There were few notes and things to keep me reminded about what the mod really is about, and what I went through for the most of the time was extremely hard npc's and jump scares. Some of the ambient sounds are good and some aren't. I also miss more of the extra ambient sounds like in CoF where the doors would bang and you would hear screams, etc... Rather than just jump scares with the same sound from the npc.

Something I noticed was that the models were very well smoothed and reminded me of Amnesia style smoothening. And the animations were pretty good, but the awkward shake when you went ironsight just didn't feel right and neither that he pulled the gun closer to himself which felt weird. Visually this mod was great, the particles were good and the level design fitted the theme.
The programming too was very well done, and there was added a lot of new npc's. I felt scared all the time, tho it started to get boring because everything felt the same as I was moving further into the game. In my opinion the intro was the best and the first jump scare, but from that point everything became repetitive. Also there were few puzzles and a straight way instead of multiple choices.
The voice acting was good and all in all it was very customized. It seems like the dev's has put most of their efforts into making good models, anims, npc's, game mechanics and level design. But forgetting an important factor to keep us going, which is proper gameplay and balance.
I myself changed the skills.cfg and the weapon scripts to give myself a better chance against the npc's instead of dying until I would ragequit in disappointment.



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This Mod features a lot of great realism and custom made effects! I love it!
And the great modern warfare concept brings this game mod to the top of all HL2 mods! You cannot play this game for a minute, it simply is too fun, that you would not bother play it for a century!!
Cannot describe the whole map with words. You'll have to try it yourself!


Firearms: Source

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