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Apparently I do a webcomic somewhere.

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Just doing some shameless advertisement.

Its a story about a boy(Crator) and a girl(Cream) who are apparently weirdness magnets; they ponder upon conspiracy, the value of life, the universe, and hormones. With there "RESPONSIBLE" adult guide, Kichona.

It's pretty much a slice of life, at its current released chapters.
The plot will soon involve a Fantasy Kitchen Sink.



Here's another one. A thing.



precision_bomber Blog

Death Label(Generals: Zero Hour Mod)
-Status : THAWN OUT!
--Reasons : Free Time

Looking For: 3d Modellers
AI SCRIPTER! This is important.

One. I can do the script from scratch but THATS a lot of things.

Two. Scripting AI is a b**** sometimes, because if the AI can't accomplish something or failed to realize something then it stacks up CPU Cycles then crashes the game.

For example, Non-amphibious units trying to go over water, or if a certain unit they need does not spawn; this usually happens when you move tech around like say, Humvees are made in the Airfield now. The default AI still thinks Humvees come from War Factories and although they can build it from Airfields now, its stacks up Commands in the AI until its satisfied that it can build Humvees from War Factories.

Changing/Overhauling default unit behaviors also causes crashes, lets say your Humvee now acts like a Helix; The AI will still build the unit, but, here is the thing, like the former, if the original unit had a function the AI uses and you removed it then it stacks up then crashes.

Like I said before, I'm more than willing to make the new scripts but Its just a bit heavy for me now.

9000 profile views!

precision_bomber Blog

Oh noes!

Hi there, folks!
Its been really fun lately. Living on the interwebs.

I'm beginning to see the possibilities when I mod.
As far as working alone, its still a very big job for me.

But its okay! I can probably get this done this time.

Again, though, you are free to help. If you're willing to fulfill requests.

Good day, folks.

Progress on CzDM

precision_bomber Blog

Not going to post it on the MOD PAGE...

This is somewhat personal.

It has been 9 months, guys.
And so far. I did a lot. I think.
But I'm happy.
Updates has not been more frequent lately because of...
And sometimes I'm just lazy.

There was a lot of Crowning Moments of Awesome within the months.
And right now, I'm trying to overcome higher hurdles.
If I were to have trouble with coding. I know people out there willing to help.

Thanks for the Help, guys.
I'll happily put you all in the "Credits!" section...

Right now. The mod has still many challenges, I shall face.
And I will NEVER give up on this mod...


Future Mods Idea! For Generals: Zero Hour.

precision_bomber Blog

If I finish Cutezome Danmaku Mod I have ideas for next one.

Cutezome World Mod.
It is a mod where it's like a World War 3-esque scenario.
Generals List:
USA Laser General
USA Defense General
USA Power General
USA Rouge General
USA Special General
New Generation Nazi
GLA Landlord General
The Royal Army
The Emperor's Order
Clipped Wings of Dissonance
China Napalm General
China Assault General
CZ Cyberkinetics General

Cutezome Air Mod.
It is a mod where a lot of things are based on aerial combat. ALL GROUND UNITS WILL HAVE REDUCED COST, and will be Cannon Fodder-ish(even Overlords).
Generals List:
Jets General
Helicopter General
Hovercraft General
Mech General
Combat General
Forward General
Terror General
Gears General
Airship General
CZ AirForce

Out for Fraxy for awhile...

precision_bomber Blog

I wont be working on the mod(Cutezome Danmaku Mod) for some time...

I'll give myself a break with Fraxy...
Making bosses for Fraxy... And doing requests...

Anyway, I'll come back if I have a really great idea...
Right all I can think of making huge things that are Danmaku-themed:
-Overly Huge Battleships
-Really Small Drones that cause lots of trouble
-Transforming Mechs
-Really Souped-up Aircraft Carriers
-Jets that carry multiple weaponry
-Bombers that can change weapons with mission profile on the fly.
-Lots more mechanical beasts...

Hard thing to make in Fraxy is something organic...
-Maybe learn how to make .try files so I make make Staged Scenarios, other than just directly fighting the boss I made.
Oh well...

I'm also giving to time to make my games...
So... Yeah. I'll still online from time to time if you need to talk though!

The Future's Bleak- well at least for me now...

precision_bomber Blog 1 comment

Ah dammit. Life is bothering me again...

I gotta admit. I am becoming an emo. (<,<")

The thing is that, I can't dare myself to hurt myself, physically.
I am just somewhat hurt internally.
Some emotional pain is really putting me in a indifferent mood.
I get some cold sensations in my heart from time to time.
Sometimes I even wonder if what I share for the people around me really matter anything to them.
I mean they may not like it, but at least I'm sharing.
And discouraging me just somewhat makes me separate from them.
Making me just leave from their memories.
I feel like those of my so-called 'friends' don't really see what I'm implying.
I don't expect them to. They're not mind-readers either.
I understand its beyond their comprehension.
So is to mine sometimes.

I'm only very happy when I go to teh internetz.
Since it is where I can get at least some worth.

This year has made me cry twice this year. Kinda a fair trade for not ever doing so last year.

Gazing up above the stars.

precision_bomber Blog

Childish, yes.
Silly, yes.
Crazy, I can totally agree.

Even if I'm slowly getting older by the minute.
I always look up- Look up the stars- the ceiling- the skies.
And that means I have an Idea.

It took me three years to get myself into modding much more modern games.
In the past, I was ROM Hacking. I think I still have the will to do so.
And gosh-darn. I sometimes can't sleep at nights till I done what I had wanna do.
I like to experiment with things.
I have done so much in my mod right now.
Personally, I will have to deny the fact that time passes by.
Or else, I wouldn't get anything done.

I'm getting old(yes, I'm still 16 but...).
I'm seeing things at a pace that not a lot of people can comprehend.
I'm not claiming I'm smarter than anyone.
I never said such a thing.

I don't have a lot of people I can physically have contact with.

But, I'm not expecting anyone to come to me.
I'm used to the things they say to me at my back.

Oh well.

I completely lost point of this blog. *sigh*

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