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Prixol Poracy

Game review

Been following this project, Vitali and Alex for a long time. These guys are very dedicated and I have high hopes for this promising game. It looks cute, fun & I'm sure plenty more is in store. Good luck guys!


Paranautical Activity

Game review - 3 agree - 1 disagree

Props given where they are due.



Engine review - 8 agree

Developer of 3079 here --

My game wouldn't have existed if it wasn't for this engine. This engine has done so many great things for me, and knowing it is purely Java based allows it to be completely cross-platform without any extra work. Did I mention it is free?

These guys deserve tons of credit. This engine is fast and full of features. It also includes a complete Software Development Kit with terrain editors and all sorts of gizmos.

Highly recommend this!

In response to other review comments:

* This engine does have the ability to determine mouse pointer position. How else did I do my inventory screen?

* This engine can do any type of 3D game, not just "Minecraft clones". Check out the jMonkeyEngine's site for more examples of what has been done by this engine.



Game review - 2 agree - 2 disagree

This game has lots of depth and it is only in an "alpha" state. I keep seeing videos showing off the latest and upcoming versions, so you know this game is constantly being improved. I recommend it!

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