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Super Monday Night Combat

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Alien Arena: Warriors Of Mars

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After tens of trials and errors/death, I have beaten this game first time.

As what it is at the moment, it's very interesting to play. I've yet to try out the multiplayer-component, but it'll be certainly very instereting once I get someone else to try this game.

There are couple of balancing issues regarding to demons, sudden high level NPCs and "battleships". but then again, it's a war zone. and you can't always be the godlike, most powerful person around from the beginning. Though lack of suitable/usable grapling hook and anti-gravity-pack occasionally made the progress extreme diffucult (which I spend about 70-80-percent of my time due fast levelling). I was lucky enough to beat the game with high-jumping-boost and boosted movement speed. And with patience, lots of patience.

Occasional bug on current build (notice the date this review was written) caused some frustrations, mainly when it came to unspawned mission items, or being suddenly spotted by unseen enemies while doing assassination-missions..

Fortunately though, knowing the developer, this game is going to get tweaking and fixes sooner or later. And even now the game is extremely well playable. The coding so far is done extremely well, making this game rather lightweight and stable to play (though once I needed to close the game-maually on the process-menu, but that only happened with the first launch/boot).
As for the stability, maybe there will be more customization in future or something else in larger scale which would help us commando-wannbes to survive better in future, without sacrificing the smooth gameplay.

As of now, well worth the money, mainly because the replay value is extremely high.


Cave Story+

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Project Black Sun

Game review may contain spoilers

(Note, this review was written after the 1.02-update on Decemeber)

Project Black Sun (/PBS) is a throwback into 1990's-games which combines Metroid-like exploration, SNK/Metal Slug-detailed hand drawn animation and in overall old-school challenging yet fine-tuned winnable diffuculty. Unlike in arcades though, this game is not meant to munch your coins with totally unfair situation, where death is totally unavoidable.
For a modern touch, this game features rather frequently and well placed check-point/sanctuary/revival-rooms, and the lack of cut-scenes keeps the game going forward in almost every situation.

Story-wise the game is comparable to Metroid with the lack of dialoque, and it leaves a lot space for possible fan-depictions/fictions (perhaps in future PBS will get a continuation explaining the events of this game, who knows, since that happened with Metroid as the years passed).

Content-wise the price hits the nail: You'll get just about the same amount content ("hours-wise") as in original and Super Metroid withou the feeling of game padding to create of illusion of being bigger/longer. And in my personal experience, unlike in original Super Metroid, the secret paths and such were much more "obvious" for a experienced player like myself. And I didn't feel that I'd need to dig up a guide for this game (well, maybe once for some secrets, but at least they weren't like some hidden room in "Castlevania: Symphony of the Nights"). To end note for secrets and power-ups, there's just the right amount: No unneeded extra-hearts or anything else incresing "missile-capsules"

Overall, I really enjoyed this 5-euro tittle. and I'm more than happy to play this again someday.
This is certainly not a game for people who doesn't like to have challenging well designed platforming, that's all I can say about this tittle.

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