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PaveMentman @ Steam Squad

Does the "Early Access"-version contain some other extra digial goodies alongside the in-heavy-developement-version of the game?

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PaveMentman @ Gimbal

More than likely you'll need to contact the devs directly with the proff of purchse/gift.
Here's the email:

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PaveMentman @ King Arthur's Gold

Heads up! Make sure you have registered your Desura-purchase to your kag-account:

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PaveMentman @ Paranautical Activity

Problem more thah likely was the way the devs of this game handled this situation.

Would they just have said that "Groupees: Be mine Bundle 8"-bundle has a separate Steam-key for their purchases, things could had been more clear right of the bat.
Of course, this doesn't necessarily clarify why the devs simply decided to not make the Desura & Steam-key "identical".

And of course, many of these situations don't clarify whether the buyers did or not provide some receips or any other evidence that they indeed had bought the game thus should be elligble for Steam-key.

More clafirication can be found here though:

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PaveMentman @ Windward

Reminds me a lot of old PSX/PS1 game "Overboard!" by Psygnosis. Might try out on future since I have some memories of that game.

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PaveMentman @ Fruitbat Factory

It's nice to see more Finnish publishers in indie market, especially for niche-market like you're aiming to be. This will very interesting future. :3

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PaveMentman @ NEO Scavenger

By the way, regarding to Desura Customers if they could get access to web-version of this game, I have a feeling that it's possible for this game since Wazhack has connection option avaible too.
Game can be found here: (here's the web-version )

Hopefully you'll get this function ennabled. :)

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PaveMentman @ 3079 -- New items, longer story & features!

I really have to say I am extremely pleased how this game ended to be and how much devs put time and efford to make amazing changes into this game: It's almost complete different game than it was at the beginning of this year when the first Alpha-version was released, even though the very same base which made this game really good still exist there.

Thank you so much for this awesome "pocket-money" entertaiment, I can only speak good things aout this game and the devs at the moment.

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PaveMentman @ Star Sonata

Will the the ver 2 uploaded eventually?

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PaveMentman @ Survivors of Ragnarök - The Black March

Here's one thing though: Doesn't the "public profit margins/statistic" only affect big companies who has gone public? As far as I know as a dreaming small enterpreneur (forgive my business English), smaller enterpreneurs only have to report their profits to tax- and social security/pension plan offiices (offices varies depends which country you're working in and business types).
So in other words, as far as I've understood, the message is more like "Don't buy via large publishers/middlemen; buy directly from smaller developers/studios. Or other non-huge public companies (without middlemen).
As far as I've understood, it's the middlemen/publisher who originally put this whole farce/publicity-stunt on the roll in the first place, not the actual creators who simply just want not only make living with their talent, but also just want to get their work distributed/as many fans-customers as possible.

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PaveMentman @ Garshasp: The Monster Slayer

I personally played the Steam version of this game on Steam. I admit, I played on Hard-difficulty, but there's a huge load of basic design mistakes/ bad decisions made for this game. I personally apresite the effort they had and the topic itself was grandiloquent/ambiguous project to tackle with older tales and such.

If this game would be rebuild from scrath into a better one some day, that's another story. But as of now, i can only recomment this game for the bonus materials.

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PaveMentman @ Cave Story+

It seems they indeed added +-version here. They'll just need to rename Demo as Free/original-version (like with Silver Quest). Give it few days to let Desura fix the name. ;)

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PaveMentman @ CUBE

Reminds me of classic "Pipe Dream", now in cube form. Certainly looking to try out this tittle.

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PaveMentman @ PaveMentman

In case you're interested, I do have my own personal website nowadays too, which is located here:

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PaveMentman @ Project Black Sun

Just finished playing the demo. And this game mixes Metroidvania exploration, Metal Sluggish animation and style and good olde MS-DOS Keen SFX and Shadowgroundish soundtrack. Very well done blend.

Now i'm just wondering if there's eventually going to be a suppord for gamepad for less "Keenish"-players?
And maybe borderless windowed more for multi-monitor and -tasking players?
Just some suggestions. ;)

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