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patih-huwae @ Gekokujo 3.1 Beta Patch


GEKOKUJO by Marty Olson

This mod requires Warband 1.166

WARNING: This mod has not been properly translated from English. Playing on anything other than English will cause certain text to use translations of the native module

Version 3.1 Changes

- Increased morale gains from leadership, charisma, and intelligence
- The player map icon changes to a lordly one if they have 60+ troops as an independent or 30+ troops as a vassal
- Added a biography page to the gekokujo-specific options to remind you of your chargen choices
- Sieges have been drastically improved, requiring the battering of gates during battle
- Old-style sieges without gates can be re-enabled in Gekokujo-specific options in the camp menu
- Random encounters might trigger up to once per day, as long as your party is small enough (less than 30)
- Agents, Experienced Agents, and Yojimbo can now be bodyguards
- Minimum bodyguard limit has been raised to 2 from 0 but ONLY for Agents, Experienced Agents, and Yojimbo
- Having Agents and Experienced Agents in your party will improve infiltration chances
- Ability to work for money in towns and villages
- Ability to beg for money from townspeople and villagers
- Ability to pickpocket and mug townspeople and villagers
- Ability to stalk townspeople and villagers and to burglarize their homes and places of work
- Made player lose confidence in the honor and nobility of samurai (or at least base ronin)
- OPTIONAL: For increased difficulty, you can set samurai troops to cost 2 party slots (the second being taken up by their servants)
-> Due to modding limitations, Samurai still cost 1 but also reduce your total allowance by 1

- Updated codebase to 1.166
- Cleaned up the startup script a little bit
- Overhauled morale and routing thanks to jacobhinds
- Fixed swarming bandit bug
- Fixed problems stemming from imprisoning lords in neutral forts (STILL RECOMMEND NOT DOING IT)
- Battlefield AI has been drastically improved
- Freelancer no longer bugs out when your lord is defeated while you are on vacation
- The spectator camera in battle is now much more smooth

- Ikko Samurai now cost the correct price
- Faction troops are renamed properly after a restoring a claimant (Tokugawa -> Imagawa, etc)
- Bandits now spawn proportionally to the number of active factions, with an option to reduce bandit activity
- At 10 factions remaining, there is a chance of a rebellion

Troops and Companions:
- Companions sent out as emmissaries no longer disappear
- Lords should now gain higher tier troops much faster
- Peasant women now upgrade to the correct Agent troop
- Nanban and Yukinoshita armor now count as plate armor for modifiers
- Samurai infantry now use the proper weapon in a given situation rather than only their katanas

Weapons, Armor, and Clothing:
- Sabakato now switches meshes when changing modes
- Spears now have thrust re-enabled on horseback
- Giant arrow flight meshes have been fixed
- Lords with custom Jinbaori no longer have a wardrobe malfunction
- Improved sode (shoulder guards) for mid-high tier armors

- Faction Relations Report now displays all factions
- Ikko-Ikki faction color is a little more grey/off-white to better display on the world map
- The last few native UI pictures have been changed
- Added a tip about long startup times in the loading screen
- Gekokujo-specific options in the camp menu made more prominent and laid out more sensibly
- Minor wording changes to give menus clarity and for the dialogue to lose its medieval english aesthetic

- New city street and siege scenes for Kyoto
- New arena scene for Kyoto (thanks masonman!)
- Kyoto's villages have been reshuffled
- Sashimonos no longer occasionally have solid colors
- World Map HD textures thanks to painbringer
- All-new wedding scene
- Added two new types of lord's hall interior scenes
- Productive enterprises have a new visitor scene
- Several castle scenes have been improved
- Bridge battle scene spawn layout has been improved
- Improved musket animation thanks to ranger_slo
- Miscellaneous improved animations thanks to jacobhinds
- Campaign map's terrain has been slightly improved
- Several tree texture errors have been fixed

- A new secret, hidden quest written by Bogmir was inserted into the mod, but is unfortunately not fully compatible with existing saves

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