I've been playing starcraft for a pretty long time now, probably for over 6 or 7 years, i don't know. I've always wanted more from it, and i get that in mods. I'm not as much a modder, never been so good at that part, but i'm completely open to testing, and I enjoy just going through mods to find any glitches/ problems.

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One thing that I've always wanted to try my hand at is the art of modding. Recently, I have joined the community and begun playing and testing and discussing mods. So why don't I make them? Well, basically, I have no freakin time. if you want to know what my schedule for life is, here it is right now.

Mon. Improv
Tues. Band
Wed. Improv
Thurs. Band
Fri. Band
Sat. Band
Sun. Improv

So basically I have absolutely no time on my hands to do anything I would like to do, let alone make my own mod. Second reason, my comp absolutely sucks. It's old, slow, and every time I add another Mega Byte of data onto its memory, it takes another 5 minutes to start up when I turn it on. If my computer was a woman, it would probably be something like my grandmother.

So, I've settled with testing and playing mods for now, but one day I will hopefully make my own mofd where I can make all the things I want to make, even though some people have gotten very close to it already. So I thank you, moddb community, for giving me tasty mods to try, so I can satisfy my hunger for them.

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Starcraft Modders

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Open to anyone who enjoys making Starcraft mods. We (hope) to in time produce quality modifications for the game.

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