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Simply the best -MULTIPLAYER- warband mod.

I started playing videogames back in 2000 when I was just 10 years old.

I have played a lot of multiplayer games (Counter Strikes, Call of Duty, Battlefield, were some of them), and still do, but most of them become boring and repeating after some time.

We, the veteran c-rpgers have an inside joke, that the only way to leave c-rpg, is only in a body bag, and thats for a reason.

C-rpg is the most addictive mod because of two reasons :
1. It never gets repeatative
2. The challenge level, never gets decreased. No matter how good you think you are, there will be always someone better than you.
To some, this may sound repulsive, but if you count yourself to be a true gamer, then you will love the constant challenge that the mod offers.

Did I mention that c-rpg is the paradise of nerds like me, who love roleplaying?

Pick your favourite gear, from more than 250 body armours and more than 200 helmets.

Either you want to roleplay a Varangian Guard with a big axe, or a mounted Templar Knight, or a Byzantine soldier, or a Rus Druzhina, or a Samurai, we even have ninja gear!!!

The possibilities are endless, and on top of that, there are big clans with very good veteran players who are willing to help newcomers.We have a Byzantine clan, a Templar clan, a Nordic clan, we have 2 big Turkish clans (Seljuks and Kapikulus) , we have several clans that roleplay as Mercenaries who fight for gold, and I could go on and on all day long about how many roleplaying options c-rpg offers.

Before I close this review, I need to tell you about heirlooming.
When you hit level 31, the mod gives you the option to retire your character (level 1 again) and gain a loompoint. You can spend your loompoint to upgrade your favourite gear, thus making it better (faster, stronger, more durable to hits), You can heirloom EVERYTHING that you buy from the marketplace.

Please, do yourself a favour, and try c-rpg, you won`t regret it.


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