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The idea is very unique, never thought about seeing a game related to something like this, even if everyone hates when programs like to crash from time to time.
This could be fun to be played in multiplayer. Like the "I vs I" mode, but could be fun to play online too.

Graphically it has the necessary. A terminal-like GUI, and at fullscreen it sets you in the mood of the old command line OSs. The sound was fine, made a nice ambience. The first time I "overflowed" something the boom took me by surprise too!

Story was fine too. The last twist was somehow foreseeable. But that ending, with the modem sound and stuff, I like these kind of sounds.

I have to admit, that at times I played randomly, but that´s mostly because I get distracted too often. When the table restarts you have to rethink stuff too, even if sometimes the AI seems to know everything (push, push2, push3, dec... all at once, no chance to even try on that "table").

But, overall I liked it. It was fun.


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