Stack Overload it is a game about a program stack overflow. It is a logical game based on the idea "find a pair" like other "match up" and "memory" games, but with some interesting additions. The player plays the role of one of the rival programs that try to overflow the stack of the other program and cause the crash. Become a program! Crash the others!

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average good game


Very interesting game, the puzzle sometimes is very random but is part of game, if you want a good challenger, it is your game :D


Not a bad game

But it's just a hard memory and there are not many levels
You should create new logical game modes and do a better game

...I know it isn't easy but it will be fun

Very good

Interesting gameplay guessing, but the problem with this game is that the tutorial in teaching the game mechanics is very poorly explained. Also, short levels are another problem with this game.

Hopefully a new update will fix these problems :)


The idea is very unique, never thought about seeing a game related to something like this, even if everyone hates when programs like to crash from time to time.
This could be fun to be played in multiplayer. Like the "I vs I" mode, but could be fun to play online too.

Graphically it has the necessary. A terminal-like GUI, and at fullscreen it sets you in the mood of the old command line OSs. The sound was fine, made a nice ambience. The first time I "overflowed" something the boom took me by surprise too!

Story was fine too. The last twist was somehow foreseeable. But that ending, with the modem sound and stuff, I like these kind of sounds.

I have to admit, that at times I played randomly, but that´s mostly because I get distracted too often. When the table restarts you have to rethink stuff too, even if sometimes the AI seems to know everything (push, push2, push3, dec... all at once, no chance to even try on that "table").

But, overall I liked it. It was fun.


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I gotta say this game is pretty awesome with its rather simple graphics the only thing between me to voting this 10 is that the story mode is a little short and the boss program is a little easy to beat with the show and swap being in it.


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