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We've got a new game! It's very minimalistic, very sleek, and looks very different from what we usually do, but hey, we love embracing Different! And being different is good because it's full of unknown potential.

So while racking my brains over how best to market our new mobile game Source Point, I came across an article that attempted to bust the myth about "Multitasking".

Apparently, humans cannot multitask very well. Unless you're doing something which has been committed to muscle memory, and you're not expecting something outside of The Pattern to happen. Otherwise, it's really difficult to be multitasking, i.e. drafting an email to negotiate a publishing deal while talking to your mom at the same time. What the human brain does instead is to switch its focus at an astonishing speed, while only concentrating on just one thing at a time.

And this is how Source Point will challenge your limits. How fast your brain switch can flick. How long you can be-on-the-ball and juggle your focus between

1- (Many) different colored balls shooting out from the middle of the screen
2- Rotating an 8 section color wheel to catch the balls and
3- Adjusting your finger’s movement to the sensitivity of the wheel.
4- (optional) you may need to focus on balancing too if you are playing this while commuting.

Anyway the game is deceptively simple. There are moments when I feel the Bullet Time Effect, because I have to do some high speed maneuvering to catch the balls with the correct section of the wheel and sometimes, a slow subtle muhh-oooove is required between the balls and the wheel just… feels so slippery.

You would probably feel something else while playing. Perhaps the same frustration from playing Flappy Bird and dying. again. and. again. It’s one of those endless single mode game that is easy to play but difficult to master. Some people like that I guess… and they would keep going at it until they hit a brag worthy score to post on Facebook.

For me, after achieving a what-almost-feels-impossible highest score of “12”, I now know 2 things about myself.

#1 My spatial awareness sucks… balls. Literally.

Ha ha ha! Sorry. I didn’t mean to be rude. But the balls… they drive me crazy. I can see what colors there are but I can’t seem to grasp which ball is going to reach the edge of the wheel first after a while. And it’s a very short while. After the 5th ball, I basically lose my sight… or rather my will to keep up with the balls that keep shooting out from the “source point”.

Interestingly, I’m not too good with directions in real life. I’m known for losing my direction all the time. And I can’t drive. Hahaha. Even driving a Go Kart has proven to be hazardous (I crashed in one)… so there. The game has just confirmed something that I’ve been trying to deny all my life. There’s something wrong with my spatial awareness… and I probably need help.

#2 Spatial Awareness can be improved (I think)

Scores improve after repetitive playing. I think it works in the same way that my sense of direction has also improved slightly over the years. I’m no scientist but I guess you will get used to certain patterns and you’d then know what to expect… and when not to freak out. That’s when you start to perform… right?

Anyway, give the game a try and let me know what would your take-away message from Source Point!

iTunes: Itunes.apple.com

Google Play Store: Play.google.com

PS: The person who conceived the game idea could get a high score of over 300 points. It is humanly possible. 12 is the most I can manage before I get devoured by rage. :)

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