I am a German American citizen. Born in the USA and raised in Germany. I might have the American accent but still only know basic English, since I grew up in Germany and went to German school. My passion goes towards level design, video editing, image editing and ofc playing video games. Around 1995 I started my first steps with the Descent Level Editor. Then 1996 when DukeNukem3D came out I was fascinated what could be done with it's editor. It also was very similar to the UEd. After that (1997) I was only mapping with the (Quool) Quake II editor. When finally (1998) Unreal appeared I found my personal favorite editor. I never really got good with all these editor because I had no tutorials to teach me. The ways I learned to handle these programs was trough friends or just to try out myself. I have also been messing around with the more modern editors from Crysis, Amnesia and the new Unreal Editor but after so many years, I lost my interest in gaining knowledge about level design.

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