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Though I walk through the valley of the shadow of the daemon, I shall fear nothing. For I am what the daemon fears.

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A Doge's poetry

NuBiTo Blog

Doge is love, doge much dear
Humane so lost, doge found
Doge gives eyes, doge show way
No matter pain, doge is stay
Doge so love, humane so life
Cate is near, doge gets knife
When cate is kill, doge is thrill
Now doge is lonely, doge is sad
No more cate, many bad
Doge prays, for cate return
Such concern, but silence he hears
Doge learn from errors, didn't mean to kill cate
So doge holds his sorrow, and buries cate
Digs grave with paws, so solemn
He digs and digs, with legs like saws
As doge puts cate in, lord whom forgives
For doge has sinned
But cate has life, nine a many
Doge goes woof, for cate is back
Doge goes chase, cate is run
Doge is wow, for cate has won.

~ Sir Dogespear

The single most beautiful piece of lore in a video game

NuBiTo Blog

The single most beautiful piece of video game ever. Nothing. Nothing ever beats the conversation between Shepard and Virgil on Ilos. Simply listening to it gives me goosebumps every single time. Not mentioning the amazing theme song that perfectly sets the mood and tone of the scene. simple beautiful.

A lost beauty.

NuBiTo Blog

;-; i miss her. A wonderful soul, her beauty knows no bound. She wasn't what i would call the prettiest of them all, but she was the best of them all. A soul who's heart is as beautiful as she is, she's everything a man could ever ask for. But now not even her name do i recall. Her face is ever fading from my sight and she's ever so impossible to grasp once more. For she was nothing more, than a dream.

Also, my brain is probably telling me to get a gf. Still ;-;


I'll never forget her, even if how she looks totally fade away from my memory. She might be a representation of someone whom i never met before, but fated to cross in the future.

PS : no sax was involved.

A story of Courage

NuBiTo Blog 3 comments

He spent years fighting a punishing war against enemies who are demigods allied with daemons, and now finds himself in the closest thing to Hell he's ever known. He probably wasn't even supposed to get teleported up to the arch-traitor's battle barge in the first place, and just being in the wrong place at the worst possible time.
Yet despite everything, he survived horrors beyond comprehension to make his way to the very bridge of Horus' flagship. There he saw a veritable angel calling upon Horus to answer for his crimes, and he saw that angel die as mercilessly as any common man. His Emperor - who he fervently believes is a god incarnate, even if he's not supposed to - lies mortally wounded, and Horus, perhaps, has taken a moment to gloat before he strikes the killing blow.
Armed with armor is slightly more effective than tissue paper and a weapon slightly more powerful than a flashlight, there he stood against Horus whose single claw was already bigger than the man himself. He stands before a being infused by the dark gods with incalculable power that can and will obliterate his soul with no more effort than it would take to blink an eye. Nothing he can do could possibly make a difference.
He could run. He could turn his weapon on himself. He could give in to the insidious whispers that echo from the ship's corridors. But succumb to temptation he didn't. Ollanius Pius does the duty his Emperor requires of him. He dies standing, holding the line.

Recently i took part in a short story writing competition where the max word count was 300. There was no min number of of words. So Yeah, by the time you read this, the competition is probably over. Should you see this before the 6TH OF AUGUST 2012, please rate between 1-10 where 1 is the worst and 10 is the best. Opinions would be appreciated

About me

NuBiTo Blog 1 comment

Well, im not a good blogger but there's a first time to everything rite? Kinda luv jokes here's one exp:
Now this is a particularly good about Gordon being a zombie, oh there's part 2 here
Well, games that i really dig are FPS or RTS games,(they rock by the way :D)
Im just your average gamer next door, i live in Malaysia beautiful country, peaceful surroundings is what any gamer would luv.
Well, as i have said, i would update them :D.

HEY all! miss me? its been a while since i added some new stuff in here! (most probably coz im too lazy)
ANYWAY! Heard of Source Wars? Yes? No? WELL HERE IT IS!

Who will win?? The Counter-Strike team?? or the Garry's modders?? FIND OUT!!


Im sure most of you would know about Day of Defeat source and The hidden source. If you dont know about the hidden, well look no further!! You can find Hidden Source right here!! THATS RIGHT! IN MODDB! Just search in hl2 mods and multiplayer. WHO WILL PREVAIL?? DoD OR THE HIDDEN?? STAY TUNE!!

And of course we also have The Leet World! (TWL)
An epic story of WHAT IF 2 different teams on 2 different side of the law would come together in this comedy about them!! wats more they are on a reality show :D
First episode for new comers!!

(BTW there's a playlist after you finish watching it, simply click on the button next to the volume to minimize it and choose other episode)

Remember the first time you guys found this website? How did it feel? If its bad then its your waste man!! coz u dont know how awesome, How amazing, HOW wickedly cool this website is!!

Cool websites

Remember to check out my Steam profile here
My Name : Lorgar Aurelian*
My Steam ID:

* Subject to change without notice :D

If you guys wanna see my old profile feel free to do so, names Skinner NooB. Yet to put the games lol. Wanna wait for my m17x XD!

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