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-Nerevar- @ Supply Lines, Field Guns, and Vehicle Showcase Video!

They are aiming for a one time pay for the future but for now it is in beta I do believe.

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-Nerevar- @ KINGDOMS - Character creation


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-Nerevar- @ The Legend of Zelda - Ocarina of War

Good Luck with this, someone else tried to make a TLOZ mod a long time ago. Had a page on here, should be in the first column. Message me if you'd like to have some help making this.

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-Nerevar- @ Old Calradia

If you need some weapons I suggest installing Lucas's Weapon Pack:

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-Nerevar- @ 1429_HD_Edition_Module_Complet_2016

I was hoping someone was going to work on the 1429 mod, good luck!

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-Nerevar- @ Centaur Bow

What is the 3D modelling program that is being used in these pictures?

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-Nerevar- @ Kingdoms [Update 3]

You guys are doing an awesome job, keep it up!

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-Nerevar- @ Update 3 - Art department

Keep up the good work! I can't wait to see this actually be introduced into this game! :D

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-Nerevar- @ M&B Warband: Liberty City Stories

I don't think there's anything you can do about this legally except shut it down. Just saying.

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-Nerevar- @ Kingdoms

Give this man all the cookies in the cookie jar, this game is fun even in its beta state; just imagine how amazing its going to get when its close to completion! Seriously ever since I first played a medieval RPG this is how I thought every medieval RPG game should be like with crafting, building and foraging considering that should play a role in the roleplaying experience. You sir, have hit the head on the nail with this idea, Bravo!
P.S. I apologize for lack of spell checking just way too excited about this game to care.

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-Nerevar- @ 1429 : la Guerre de Cent Ans - Steel Edition

I just got done playing it. And in my opinion its playable with the Partial English Translation. The Tavern Customer still speaks French along with some unique lady in the garden of one of the French towns... and some guy at a siege weapon smith. As far as any of the quests it seems they aimed right at them with the translation.

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