Star Wars Battlefront II modder, former YouTuber. Creator of the 62nd Legion and all it's various characters including Sergeant Barck, Captain Moss and Commander Needo My main strong points in BF2 modding are: ► Texturing ► Attention to detail ► Ideas I also make various 3D renders using Cinema 4D using Battlefront 2 models to promote mods I've been included in/that I'm working on, and of course some just for fun =================================================================================================================================================== -- // Current personal mod project/s // -- ► Yavin: Valley of Ruins -- // Current group mod project/s // -- ► Clone Wars Revised

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62nd Discord server!

Needo62 Blog

Official 62nd Discord server!

The 62nd now have their very own official Discord server! There I`ll be posting about the latest news/updates on everything 62nd related, including my Work-In-Progress mod Yavin: Valley of Ruins!

Join the Discord to chat with me about anything and everything, I`m usually very active there so go ahead and click the logo or text below to join. The more of you that join, the bigger the 62nd will become!

The Discord announcement on the Yavin: Valley of Ruins ModDB page has slightly more info about it, click the link below to go there or just click either the highlighted text or logo above to go straight to the Discord server to join!

YVR Discord announcement

Christophsis (Unfinished)

Needo62 Blog


Click to download

This is an unfinished version of the Christophsis mod map started by LitFam.

I (NeedoMods/Needo62) was one of the members of this mod and helped develop it, and as many people have wanted to experience it after it`s demise, I thought I`d upload it for those interested to play.

This mod is not finished in any way and is missing some features the original version had due to my limited modding knowledge, such as custom sounds, music and loadscreens, the 2 loadscreens I made for this mod are included in the folder because hey, they`re pretty cool eh? Shame to waste em.

Here is the link to it`s (now dead) page:


- LitFam //

- Needo62 (me) //

- javitolo98

- Deviss //

- Skayr

-- // NOTE // --
The last 2 gamemodes listed (wave mode republic and wave mode CIS) DO NOT WORK. They start up however you will not be able to spawn at all.

-- // HOW TO USE // --
Move the CHR folder into your Battlefront 2`s Addon folder, if you don`t know where that is, look up a modding tutorial on YouTube, its real easy

332nd Legion Clone Skins Released

Needo62 Blog 2 comments

332nd Clone Legion Skins

I made these skins a while ago and I don`t see them being used any time soon, so I thought I`d release them to the public so others can make use of them.

332nd Clone Legion (Ahsoka`s legion) Skins as seen in the concept art for The Siege Of Mandalore. (cancelled TCW ARC)
You may use these in a mod of your own, so long as you give me credit for them. (NeedoMods, but just Needo is ok too)

Download -

GameToast Link -

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