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Nathraiben @ Trauma

Big thanks to Krystian - and of course the rest of the team - for what was a short yet incredibly enjoyable game experience.

("Short" not in a "not worth it" way, but instead meaning I hate that it ended so soon - I could have played on for hours/days/weeks without growing bored of it.)

It will take some time before that melancholic and fuzzy feeling will wear off... ;)

Like many others I got - and first heard about - Trauma through the Humble Bundle. Actually, it was the sole reason I got the current one, and I feel it was worth every single cent I paid for it. It's such a simple and yet engaging game play, and I really love the "less challenge, more immersion" approach. And immersive it definitely was - not the least thanks to the soft, drowsy voice acting and the mesmerising music/ambience sounds.

To me the only slight drawback would be that it's definitely not a game everybody will find enjoyable, but then again, what do I care about everybody! :P
(And I'm always happy to see that there are still developers out there that dare to go the non-mainstream route to get an idea out of their system. )

Btw, at first I thought about replying to the YouTube comments (those really made me wonder what people were expecting after watching the trailer, looking at the screenshots and maybe even playing the preview - another one of those kill-x-to-gain-y clones?), but then decided a plattform with people having an attention span longer than the time between two monster grinding kills might be more appropriate... ;)

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Nathraiben @ gShift

Good idea! When it comes to moving around, I'm probably conditioned on using arrow keys over WASD and definitely WASD over IJKL... :D

Though I can say with a little bit of pride that my performance with WASD and arrow keys has become a bit less awkward by now. ;)

Btw, thanks so much for the game, love both the concept and the graphics.

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Nathraiben @ gShift

15 hours? Not when you're constantly plunging into nirvana because you just tried to move with the arrow keys... :D

I'm obviously a complete fail at playing this game, but the fact that I'm currently downloading the full version tells a lot about how much fun it is. Looking forward to dozens of hours of making a total idiot out of myself! :D

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Nathraiben @ Survivors of Ragnarök - Adopt A Pig! Pre-Order Now!

Goood... ;)

Now, is it sunday already? Is it sunday already? *in an insolent children on the car's backseat kind of voice*

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Nathraiben @ Survivors of Ragnarök - Adopt A Pig! Pre-Order Now!

Wait, what? 0_o

You mean the three of us will NOT get our special handcrafted chicken pin-up wallpaper? T_T

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