Hello there, I am Nakina. Sometimes I make games. Other times I play them. If you have questions about rpg maker, I'll do my best to help you out.

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Bad news

nakina Blog

A world of shit 3 has been lost due to me not backing it up like an idiot and reinstalling windows so I have to restart development now....I managed to save Pains of Eternity though so at least I won't have to restart development of that. Speaking of Pains of Eternity I am making a few changes to the storyline as well. Anyways, sorry about that :(

I am thinking about releasing a demo of what I have so far which isn't a lot but it's enough to get the idea of what the game is about. Also I might make the game profile soon now that I have some of the game actually made but don't expect frequent updates. I'll most likely just update it when I get some sort of milestone completed so if you don't see updates in a while it's most likely not dead :)

sorry I have no quote this time :(

some happenings

nakina Blog

sup everyone! progress has pretty much stopped on pains of eternity but that will start up again soon since i'm bored now and i wanna work on it lol. also i wrote a poem out of boredom today so i will post it here so you can comment on it and stuff :). But before i do that i wanna say that i like waffles.

so here is the poem:

If you got no money, then you got no rights
If I've got your money, now I've got your life
Don't go and cry don't, try and fight
Cuz I am the law and I make the call
I am invincible so don't go and bawl
Now you aren't strong no, not at all
Cuz I am the law and, I make the call
Did I make you sad you, little lad
I bet your mad well, that's too bad
Cuz I am the law and, I make the call
Now you got no money, so you got no rights
Thanks for your money, thanks for your life
Cuz I am the law and, I make the call

it's my first one so please give me feedback so i can make better stuff in the future :)

that is all so here is a closing quote: "Those who do not feel pain seldom think that it is felt."

and goodbye :)

Another new game

nakina Blog

So I have started yet another project in the realm of RPG Maker VX. It's called Pains of Eternity and I probably will be working on it for awhile so consider this my first real project since I'm not going to make it in 2 days ( or 10 minutes :p ). I may post screens or something every once in awhile and maybe start a game profile as well, but only when I start making some real progress. So, while I'm developing this game there most likely be many posts from me unless I hit some sort of milestone, so until then, ADIOS!!!!

New Game

nakina Blog

Hey! I made a new game that's actually not randomly funny O.O! It's called Welcome to my Nightmare and it took me about 2 days to make it which means I actually put a little effort into making this one XD. So I hope you all enjoy it once it's authorised, until then, this is nakina signing off :)

for those that care

nakina Blog

i am working on a sequel to a world of shit......it may be longer but probably not much better...so yeah there ya go i got bored again :) and soon i may be working on a game that i'm actually going to put effort into making XD....so yeah that's about what's going on right now so remember "don't think of it as a bullet wound, think of it as a "transfusion opportunity"


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hello everyone i think it's been awhile since i've posted any updates so i will do this now...i am now beginning work on a new game that will hopefully not suck as bad as a world of shit (im actually trying now so that's a plus :) and it will be a lot longer. i also have uploaded an attempt at drawing a blue slime as you can see in my latest images. i guess that's all i wanted to talk about so i will now say farewell..........I LIEK CHOCOLATE MIIIIIILK!!!!! and stuff :)


nakina Blog

hello everyone i got bored again so you will probably notice a new 3d model i made uploaded in the images area (if not well...check it out) i was just messing with a program called sculptris and i love it it's so easy to use and it's free! so yeah maybe i'll mess with it more in the future and you will be able to enjoy new 3d art by me! also maybe i will export my models as objects and upload them so people can use them in other 3d programs and maybe implement them into games (probably not gonna happen but who knows?) so there's what i was gonna talk about....not much else to say here.....BUTTERED TOAST!!!!! and have a good day :)


nakina Blog

well now the issues with my rpg's game profile are now resolved! Thanks to Dave i was able to upload images and a download to the game profile so now everything should be fine. :) so yeah that's about it....how about a random quote:
"Life is like a sewer, what you get out of it depends on what you put into it."

the rpg

nakina Blog

well it seems i can't figure out how to add media to the game profile as i didn't see any options to add media it just gives me a message saying its awaiting authorisation so now the profile has been deactivated :( i asked Dave to reactivate it so i can maybe figure it out so i guess ill see how it turns out :) that's it for today so here's a random phrase for the day: PRUNE JUICE!!! good day :)

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