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sup everyone! progress has pretty much stopped on pains of eternity but that will start up again soon since i'm bored now and i wanna work on it lol. also i wrote a poem out of boredom today so i will post it here so you can comment on it and stuff :). But before i do that i wanna say that i like waffles.

so here is the poem:

If you got no money, then you got no rights
If I've got your money, now I've got your life
Don't go and cry don't, try and fight
Cuz I am the law and I make the call
I am invincible so don't go and bawl
Now you aren't strong no, not at all
Cuz I am the law and, I make the call
Did I make you sad you, little lad
I bet your mad well, that's too bad
Cuz I am the law and, I make the call
Now you got no money, so you got no rights
Thanks for your money, thanks for your life
Cuz I am the law and, I make the call

it's my first one so please give me feedback so i can make better stuff in the future :)

that is all so here is a closing quote: "Those who do not feel pain seldom think that it is felt."

and goodbye :)

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