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na1345138847 @ DarthMod: Shogun II

Hello Mr. Darth Vader, I have a suggestion to make. It is regarding changing your Clan's capital. A lot of people are having issues with not able to change the Clan's capital.

1. All your agents, generals mission rewards, and family members spawn at the capital, which could be years away from the front line. Your wounded personnel also spawn back at the capital in a single turn while the place they are wounded in action could be many seasons away. Getting back to the front lines is unfair for some factions, like the Date all the way from the North or Shimazu all the way from the South.

2. Strategic and economic reasons to change the capital. Some province have a blacksmith that grants armor or melee bonus. It make sense to have your capital spawn stronger units and generals. In addition, an island Clan like the Chokosabe is limited to how many other clans they can trade to due to their capital. They only have 3 ports connected to their capital and can only trade with 3 other clans. Also, some capital are stuck in a peninsula with no sea port like Hojo's, degenerating into a Ninja only spawn with little or no value. Even more so, when we conquer Kyoto and became Shogun, your capital is still the old capital. Miles away from where the real fighting is.

Some people may not want to change the clan's capital, but the option should be there. Home is home, but the capital should be changeable. Tokugawa have their capitol moved to Edo in history for example. Which remained to this day, Tokyo.

I am suggesting adding unhappiness for the original capitol and the new capitol. In addition to monetary cost as well as a cool down of some sort.

Thank you for your time and effort on Darthmod, it is amazing.

I logged in steam at 80 something hours for Shogun 2 and still could not beat Hojo's scenario with multiple attempts. It's on very hard, lol. I have beaten Shimazu and Chokosabe on normal before installing Darthmod though.

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