Aetheric Games is one-man indie developer based in Edinburgh, UK. I like games that are story driven, immersively represented and, if they’re action- rather than puzzle-oriented, then the action should be meaningful and imaginative, so that’s what I try to make, whilst also holding down a day-job in another industry.

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I really enjoyed this story. 7/10 is a good score for me. Spoilers ahead! The voice acting was expressive and natural, and the story managed to keep me guessing despite boiling down to a common sci-fi trope in the end. There was some good use of assets and creatively scripted set-pieces, especially the scene with the policeman.

What stopped me from voting higher was that the environments felt quite big and empty. At times it seemed like a considered aesthetic decision, at other times it felt like sparsity of detail, especially when crossing the big hall for the 3rd time.

The play time for me was only about 20-30 min. I would have liked more. I would've liked the chance to investigate what was really going on at the factory. Why were they experimenting with time? Was it something to do with WWI/II as implied at one point? Suspense, intrigue and more game-play could've been built around this.

Overall though, highly recommended for anyone looking to play a well polished short story.



Mod review

A good CS with some creative use of assets and very well scripted set-pieces and mind-f**kery. The writing, whilst sometimes vague for the sake of it, was grammatical and expressive. I would rate it higher but for one thing - it repeatedly crashed at a certain point (when a suitor was about to spawn) and the only way I could continue was to edit my save and remove the trigger. If I hadn't known how to do that, I would have had to give up. Good work though.


The Silver Key [Collapsing Cosmos]

Mod review

As an HP Lovecraft fan, I really enjoyed this, especially any bits which Lovecraft might have described as non-euclidian, cyclopean or grotesque. The environments, pacing and narrative were good and the final showdown was original: I can see that it took some skill to script. I loved the way the environments changed, it was sometimes just as alarming as Andre. I would have given this 9/10 but for 2 things: 1) some of the platforming was a bit difficult and I actually rage-quit in a couple of places before changing my mind and coming back. 2) there are a lot of grammar mistakes, typos and odd word choices in the text. That can be really off-putting for me. It wouldn't be too hard to get a native Englsih speaker to sort it out. I for one would love to help. Just let me know. However, this is an awesome CS and I would recommend it to anyone, especially Lovecraft fans.

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