I have a passion for Science Fiction and Fantasy. I started drawing since childhood. In fact, I studied technical drawing at school for two years and this time I learned many things about it. I have a background in IT, creating software’s for some PHARE projects. I have also worked with Corel Draw, creating leaflets and brochures. After the projects were closed I tried to find myself something to fill my spare time, so I started to draw on paper and later build 3D models. This way I had the chance to work with some computer programs like Studio Max, Truespace, Rhinoceros, Bryce, Google SketchUp, Maya, AutoCAD, Pandromeda, Wings 3D. Creating some stuff with 3D programs it's so easy.Now I'm working with Milkshape 3D. With Milkshape, I also started modding my favorite space strategy game, Star Trek Armada 2 and Fleet Operations. For more info, please visit my website.


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