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WIP street hub
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mikak Author

to those cool dudes that visit my profile page, thanks for visiting :D

i implore you to critique, i ain't gonna be hurt if you have constructive criticism :) i am aware my 'little fan mission' is getting more ambitions in its scope and overall size, still just getting the basic layout set in stone so i can start concentrating on smaller details like npc's, missions, augmentation & skill interaction with map, consequences etc etc etc

to expand upon the 'enterable buildings'; at this point this includes; purple kitten (bar/nightclub/possibly brothel) it is largely finished, just needs to be fixed to fit into the shell that sets it's size from this map, which will basically be me 'save as' this map, delete everything that isn't visible from the purple kitten location, then copy/paste everything from the old purple kitten map and move stuff around so it fits cleanly, and redesign to make it interesting/workable.

another map 'Ersatz Medical' *was* pretty much finished, just needed the morgue basement. but now ersatz is completely differently shaped in the city map (ie above) so it'll bascially get the same treatment as the purple kitten. but more layout changes, which is a blessing in disguise, as it was rather easy to loose bearings and get lost, i've made alot of prefabs and models specifically for ersatz. it is probably to be the most mission oriented location, reason being Augmentation and health stuff, which is a large part of the dx story/stories

not yet included on this map is an apartment complex, which i made around christmas time, it will go in the empty corner at lower middle of sshot above, might need a bit of alteration so it isn't so visible from the street, otherwise it will end up being a huge copy/paste, which isn't what i want from that. it is quest based, kind of like the 'find the right alice garden pod' when looking for windwill in dx-hr, you will 'find the right apartment' where something interesting might happen.

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what started out as a bit of 'out of gameplay area' backdrop and scenery for my transit hub map has become a map in it's own right. a damn big map, which is alot of fun to build, tho frustrating also. engine limitations arn't looking like much of a problem at this point (on my new pc anyway, would hate to hit rebuild on my laptop, that's for sure) get 60fps. you can see the transit hub (bus and train station) in the middle, i didn't delete the track or tunnel, and the main platform is still visible from the outdoor map so that has to stay.

design is really simple, it is a canyon city like most urban dx maps, except i have run it in 2 levels with a figure of 8 or that symbol with an extra loop, actually '&' serves the road plan quite well, as 2 road sections with end in tunnels

buildings are all unique, some highly detailed (for unrealed1 anyway) others far more sparse. very happy with the road network to be honest, can't wait to add some interpolating vehicles, tho i will wait, because my bus tunnel map ended up having 160 interpolation points, for just 1 section of tunnel (1x 90degree and 2x 45degree and 3 sections of straight, all that rotating and setting speed and spacing and tags :( not cool. that was an obvious shortcoming of why there are no blackvans zipping around new york or paris in dx, it's a shit-ton of work, and my road network has slopes too, which means adjusting vertical alignment to correspond to the gradient, arghh, too much to think about :(

what else to say... i'd really like it to be stormy and raining... lol

ohh yeah i thought of something: sooooo, most of the buildings are just empty facades or solid blocks at this map, but what i am planing is to make it possible for the player to enter some* of these buildings (*some being a vague target of however many i can be bothered to do), at this point that includes at least 5, i would like to extend it to all however, so that it truly rewards the exploring player with location specific content

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