latecomer to Modding for Deus Ex; mapping and modeling

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structure heights
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mikak Author

aha, i finally fixed my sshots from being so dark. now it is too bright :P it looks better at 0.6 brightness

something is up tho, that sshot is stretched horizontally quite a bit, its not so squat.

anyway, i've got a big empty space on the inside corner of the road (ie centre screen) so that viewing vista will change dramatically when there is a building just behind the stair garden

just as a note: i use transform permanently alot, so texture surfaces are typically unaligned and unscaled (ie that 2 course brick wall at bottom left of screen :P ~ due to 512pixel tex i made, and i'm not yet sure if it's possible to stipulate: use this tex at scale 0.125 for example) because it all gets reset at each transformation, so i'm not bothering until the level is finalized, that is the time that they will get their deserved aesthetic attention

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soooo then, slow progress, starting to take shape tho. just have to keep moving chunks of geometry around to make the map feel okay. anyway, thought i would throw a pic up. here is two buildings i made, well you can't see them all that great because i am so far away, but yeah... anyway. i made each separately in their own .unr, and made them feel good, balanced, correctly scaled etc etc. and in isolation they do. but standing next to one another, they feel unbelievable odd, like the town of Bree, men and hobbits as neighbours :P. which sort of sucks, but i think i can see the solution. the building on the corner uses a 2 section wall/windows per floor. the building on the left uses 1. so i will switch that, the other thing is that one ceiling height is 240, the other 320. i forget what the justification was behind using non-standard sizing, but i may have to alter one or both to make them feel like they belong in the same map. anyway this is the northeast corner of the map, and is more or less just out of gameplay area scenery. this staircase i'm standing on is about as far as the player is expected to travel. and hopefully i can hide the skybox seams well. just to the right of that corner building will be a wide open outdoor carpark area hopefully removing some of the canyon city feel that comes natively with unrealed.

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