Hi my name is Michael Allport, I am 19 years old (becoming an old man o.o). Into the general stuff, gaming, music etc. Wanting to learn programming, did a bit at college and loved it

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F.E.A.R. 3

Game review - 1 agree

The game is quite good, however they've took out some of the horror and replaced it with action. There's the odd scary/jumpy bit but mostly it's just run, gun and blood 'n' guts.

Also the campaign is VERY short. Took me about 5 and a half hours to complete. That's with one of the characters, you can play through with another character but it's pretty much the same just with a different end cutscene.

As for the multiplayer you'd be lucky to get a match because it's dead. There's the odd lobby every now and then


C&C: Renegade

Game review - 2 agree

Brilliant game that offers a new perspective the command and conquer. Good storyline too.



Game review - 3 agree

Amazing game with amazing atmosphere and a great story.


Medieval II: Total War: Kingdoms

Game review

Great game with amazing RTS gameplay. Take control of almost any nation and command vast armies to conquer the world.



Game review - 1 agree - 1 disagree

Great game with good customisation. Create your own species and vehicles and evolve throughout the different stages of life. Take on the galaxy when evolved fully.


Call of Duty: Black Ops

Game review - 4 agree - 5 disagree

Good game with interesting storyline. Good mini games and good multi player.


Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

Game review

Great game with decent graphics. Great free roaming and storyline.


Rome: Total War

Game review - 1 agree

Amazing RTS game which allows control of grand armies. Good economy and a wide variety of units allowing the player to have a great gaming experience.


Company of Heroes: Opposing Fronts

Game review - 8 agree - 1 disagree

Fantastic game with extreme level of realism. Advanced AI allowing units to automatically look for nearby cover when attacked. Good use of territory and strategic points. Good for RTS players who like high graphics and getting up close and personal.


Men of War

Game review - 13 agree

Good game which has good realism. Being able to take control of units and high level of destruction definitely makes this a game to look out for.

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