We are MegaBit Studios, originally founded in 2007 as BondCorp cs to create maps, mods, and host servers for Counter Strike. Over the years, our focus has evolved significantly. No longer confined to game Counter Strike, we've embraced a broader spectrum of content creation. Now, we channel our creativity into diverse projects spanning game development and electronics. MegaBit Studios is a hub where we showcase our innovative creations. From unique projects to playable games like Super Glitch BoB and Space Defenders 3D, we aim to share original content with our community. Join us on our journey as we push the boundaries of creativity and innovation​.

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Space Defender is a 3D third person base defence shmup, consisting of progressively difficult waves of enemies, with the player defending the core in the center of the map from enemy space craft that increase in frequency and numbers spawned as the waves consistently increment.

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Released 23/3/2017

You have discovered a plot to destroy your space station and you ordered all the workers and civilians to depart the station until the threat has been eliminated. It is your job as the captain of the space station to controls an unmanned fighter and desperately trying to stop the enemy bombers from causing enough damage to the space station's power core to cause it to implode, thus causing the shield generator for the space station to deplete so that enemies mother ship can make a final attack to destroy the space station. Good luck Captain!!!