We are MegaBit Studios, originally founded in 2007 as BondCorp cs to create maps, mods, and host servers for Counter Strike. Over the years, our focus has evolved significantly. No longer confined to game Counter Strike, we've embraced a broader spectrum of content creation. Now, we channel our creativity into diverse projects spanning game development and electronics. MegaBit Studios is a hub where we showcase our innovative creations. From unique projects to playable games like Super Glitch BoB and Space Defenders 3D, we aim to share original content with our community. Join us on our journey as we push the boundaries of creativity and innovation​.

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Carrier Update

MegaBitStudios Blog

The finished and textured carrier
Also you can find us on Discord now come join the conversation

BattleShips Seage Preview 1 1

A More Angled Carrier

MegaBitStudios Blog

Decided to give the base of the carrier a more angled look and added planes.

BattleShips Seage Preview 2

A New Project HMMMM ?

MegaBitStudios Blog

A preview of the first iteration of the carrier for our new Project BattleShip Seage

BattleShips Seage Preview 1


MegaBitStudios Blog

Welcome to our Relaunch here at megabit studios we have a shiny new site www.megabitstudios.net we have also got some old but new content for the new launch that has never been seen before these are projects that have not made it off the ground but are playable take a look at the 2 projects CSS CTF Mod Megabitstudios.net and a CS1.6 Map GO_Kart map Megabitstudios.net , make sure to check back soon we will have some electronic projects coming out over the new few months.