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A Clash of Kings (Game of Thrones)

Mod review - 1 agree - 1 disagree

If you're a GoT fan, than then is a must have. It includes one of the biggest rosters of armours and clothing that I've ever seen in a mod, and each is incredibly well done to the point you'll think you're playing a professional game. The game world is also incredibly smooth and, well, large, and I'm yet to find any artifacts or problems with it.

The mod does a great job at portraying each character; meeting Rob Stark on the battlefield was an interesting affair, before having my *** handed to him by his knights.

That said, there are a few little problems. While there are the usual smattering of glitches that mods tend to have, I've noted that there are a few that can quite seriously affect your game. One's I've noted so far include:

- Occasionally, friendly lords will run after you as if you were an enemy. They don't act like it when they catch you, but they seem to run on a loop. The only way to escape is to be faster than them, and high tail it out of there.

- FreeLancer mod is awesome, but still has the problems its infamous for.

- Perhaps a balancing issue, some factions tend to mow through others in battle. Armoured units are insanely strong, I've watched one go through about ten normal infantry before an arrow took its head off.


Fort Zombie

Game review

Fort Zombie... all I can say is this game has serious potential, but doesn't quite get there.

For starters, this game isn't friendly for newbies. The game will gladly generate zombies right next to the spawn spot. Aiming is difficult, but it IS possible to get used to- no doubt it'll cause frustration.

Graphically, the game is fairly average, if not a little under. Textures vary greatly, from a few high res textures suddenly mixing in with low res textures. The weapon models are nice, however some character models are low detail, making an odd mix.

There is a large variety of weapons, and other items. While this keeps the game a little fresh, the environment isn't very imaginative, and while it seems random (that's a plus) the game doesn't have a "true" freeroam feel.

My final problem is with the game ending after only 13 days. It isn't much. You'll build up all these weapons, only to fight... a mass zombie attack. This sorta ruins it for me. There needs to be a CONTINUED game with random events, such as zombie raids etc, but not just a single predictable one. As far as I know, the game ends right after the raid. Replayability is sorta hurt here.

So, if you're a hardcore zombie fan, and you like survival games, you'll probably like this. I do, except for the few issues it presents. Add in an Endless or Sandbox mode, fix the aiming a tad, and perhaps make it you don't have to choose from three generic "forts" (maybe simply select a building from the environment) and this game's a winner.


Medieval II: Total War: Kingdoms

Game review

This game is a classic- large scale tactical warfare at its best, perhaps only bested by its sequels. However, it rules the medieval era.

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