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Brutal Doom

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Brutal Doom adds in quite a bit of features and new visuals, essentially being a gameplay overhaul where both you and the opposition deal almost double damage, and everyone gets some new tricks. All the guns are reworked and feel solid to use, and even the Skulltag-exclusive weapons like the Railgun and Grenade Launcher are modified to be in line. Most enemies learn some new moves to get the jump on you, too, but so do you in the way of a kick button and the ability to perform fatalities with the Berserker pack.

Obviously, the selling point of the mod is all the blood. Gibs will fly, the walls will be painted red, humanoid enemies will be helpless and panic when some of their limbs are torn off, and that Chaingunner will be stunned if you kick him in the nuts.

While many claim that Brutal Doom would be Doom if it was made today, it is better described as if it was modernized; obviously, if Doom was created around this time then we would get something very much like the third game in the franchise.

Though I have two complaints about the gameplay. First one being reloads in general - they slow down the gameplay and encourage hiding behind cover. My suggestion would be to remove these off the majority of the weapons, and in turn just slow down the rate of fire or do some other nerf to balance it out. Both the regular shotgun and rocket launcher could do with something like this, but the Assault Rifle is the worst offender.

Second is that bosses like the Cyberdemon are too easy to take out. All you need to do is hit him with seven rockets (yes, seven) to the head and he's gone. Sure, he hits harder, but it's not difficult to avoid a Cyberdemon's attacks.

Apart from all this and that the novelty may wear off a little quick, this gameplay mod is worth looking into. The upcoming Brutal Hexen might be more of the same, but here's to hoping it turns a fairly bad game into something fun.


SkyMoMod V13

Mod review - 4 agree

Adds much more variety to Skyrim's lack of creature diversity. Find lore-friendly replacers on Skyrim Nexus if you're feeling really skeptical of having things that look either out of place (or scary) in your game.

One word of warning however, is that a lot of the creatures come from ported assets from other games, which is how the author got banned from the Nexus to begin with. I'll let your morals decide whenever you want the mod or not.



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If you want virtual LEGO, then Minecraft will satisfy your needs. There are also some nice mechanics, like the Redstone circuits and the Hunger bar.

However, if you want adventure, then you will probably be disappointed (at the time of this writing at least). I didn't find the game noob friendly at first back in 2010, and had to look up a wiki and/or maybe some YouTube videos to actually learn how to survive the game's mobs. Even with some recent AI changes, I find it lame how Villagers still don't do anything remotely useful in the game.

Maybe in the future, the game will expand the adventure aspect greatly and become more newbie friendly. While there are always mods, they are merely bandages and don't add to the core gameplay.



Engine review


Engine review

CSS SCI FI 3: Hardwired

Mod review

How the mod works - using your CSS maps and a few extra into HL2-style gameplay, is neat, and the very modular nature of the game settings can help fit the game to your style and skill. Want to change how much weapons are carried? If health regenerates? Force elements of the heads-up display off?

Being given a variety is great. And there's even a firing range with all the weapons in the game, and a fully-fledged individual level/campaign selection hub.

There's plenty of maps to chew through, and things like bullet time are neat...especially as you raise the gore and ragdoll sensitivity. Though the game does has it's annoyances. In general, the game seems to crash a tad often, and there are some parts where you are likely to get lost in the maps, although the mod's website does cover some of the more confusing ones.

Weapon variety is so-so, there's about three re-skinned Assault Rifles, a few CSS-like weapons, and some others you'll never really see or use in-game. There are some neat ones out there mind you, such as imploding grenades and THE big brother of tripwire bombs. So basically it's not really a Unreal Tournament kind of weapon range, but it's not a bland Call of Duty one either.

Given it's name, this mod is for people who don't care about storylines and how decent the AI is; this is like Half-Life 2 on crack. Replay value is more dependent on changing over a whole heap of settings (like say, from HL2 style to something more realistic), but other than that it's definitely worth checking out if you have spare time, assuming you can deal with the ocassional crash.

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