Semi-Serious Gamer. Specializes in level design, but also versed in texturing, sound (including music), and art. Currently working on mods Arieite Dreams and Room Escape.

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Back To College

Master_Of_Hiddenry Blog

Wow, summer didn't last long. Already back in school. I'll do my best to keep up with work on the mod. The project leader is stepping down due to school and it's almost decided that I'll be taking over. Well, that means many changes and perhaps a whole new direction for the mod. I'll keep things updated hopefully.

Back in action!

Master_Of_Hiddenry Blog

A year of college is finally done! Right now, things are running more smoothly than they have been in a very long time. Plus, I've found a girlfriend so my mind can now be at ease in that respect. All is going optimally.

This is not to say I won't be busy over the summer. I've a house to revamp, two jobs to work, a mod to finish, a comic to draw, the list goes on.

In regards to Room Escape, progress continues. Development is faster than ever now that communications and content sharing have been stream-lined significantly, thanks in a large part to our new programmer Booers. We're aiming towards an end of summer release.

That's about it for now, Kudos.

Vacation's over, time for college

Master_Of_Hiddenry Blog

Well, I just started college at Stevens Institute of Technology five days ago. I admit that I did comparatively little mapping over the summer due to a variety of reasons. I am continuing on the maps that I have been working on, though how much time I'll have, I cannot say. Sadly, I did not succeed at gaining a girlfriend, and have since given up on the whole affair. Keep updated with the Room Escape page and you may find some new media in a short bit.

Smooth Sailing

Master_Of_Hiddenry Blog

Looks like things are working out. I just graduated high school today, so I have the rest of summer to do stuff before being thrusted into heavy duty civil engineering in college (yep, don't see much leisure there). I'm in full mapping mode right now, and luckily, hammer is working 100% again for me. I see completion in my room escape levels very soon. After that, I will be working on Tab & Me, which you all should love if I manage to finish any time soon. After that, then I'll be working on Arianna, an atmospheric piece based off of the daymare town flash game series.

Not much to say with my other happenings, though. Still looking to get acquainted with a girl I like dearly. Chances appear to be near 50/50, so good luck for me.


Complications Galore

Master_Of_Hiddenry Blog

I've been quite occupied by stuff recently, such as the grand mess of events at the end of senior year high school (exams, ceremonies, parties), plus the prospects of finally finding a girlfriend (hopefully). This, of course, means less time for mapping temporarily.

The focus is still with Room Escape. I've a number of other projects on my board, but I probably wont be able to finish them prior to the start of college.

So here is my list of projects to tackle:

Room Escape: The Warehouse & The Machine
Work in progress
Will be complete some time in July

Tab & Me
Work in progress
May take the rest of summer to complete, plus some time in college

Currently Conceptual
May take over a year to complete

Acrieite Dreams
Very slow work in progress
May take the rest of my life to complete???

Almost back in action

Master_Of_Hiddenry Blog

Seems like things have been regulating and I should be back on track with some steady work. There's just a traffic jam of school work I need to get past and everything should be smooth driving from there. I've already continued progress on my maps for Room Escape. Prepare to see some new media in a sort time.

On another note, I've managed to get a part voice acting for the mod Joutomaa. Most of you probably have heard of it. I'll be voicing the mysterious g-man-esque man in black character. I'll possibly be voicing another character too if I can get the voice right :/


When you think things can't get worse...

Master_Of_Hiddenry Blog

It does. On top of my thanksgiving-dinner-load of work I have to do, and game dev stuff, something else happened. My dad just got into the hospital because of his severe renal cell carcinoma. things aren't looking too good right now. My brother, sister, and I are basically in charge of the house now and all the other complex stuff that has to go on due to my father's current situations. Of course, game dev isn't my top priority right now, so I'll take an involuntary break from that for now until further notice.



Master_Of_Hiddenry Blog

I've got so much I'm working on, it's spilling out of my pants. Room Escape, Philip's Sniperville mapping contest, Interlopers mapping competition, and Acrieite Dreams. Actually, I've put Acrieite Dreams on hold for a bit to get the other things done first. Busy busy. Slap on school work, and the whole party's here.


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