The world is like an arena, trust no one. All are for themselves if you are gonna make an ally be aware and always have a dagger ready. If you want something donne you gotta do it yourself. That is my most most valuable thought deep inside my brain or more alike in the outer brain inside the cranium. Im like an explorer and I fight for atheism I fight for science because I want to know the truth I want to know the real world and not staying under the shadow of some fake religion. I want to see the sun, not the cold shadow. Im like a scientist. If I get knowledge I try to teach humanity it, and I do whatever I can to get it, and sometimes even willingly to die for it. No gods, no masters, no superiors. You are your own ruler if someone say something else its fake. Raise your hands take down the umbrella and see the daylight! But ofcourse everyone have their own mind. This is mine, and I like it. P.S I dont give away my real name, have never donne that. But most call me Masen...

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Masor @ Mount & Blade Warband: Full Invasion for Marinian

Feel free to join

The Marinian Battle Company, on Steam

There we will post when the Marinian Invasion server will be up. We do other kind of stuff also except playing Full Invasion.

Just search, The Marinian Battle Company on "Search players and groups" box in "Community" up the right corner on Steam.

Pay note, joining the group doesn't make you an official Marinian, but it helps to know when the server(s) are up.

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Masor @ Tiberium Secrets

I love tiberium mods wich give you access to some odd alien lifeform. Like in The Forgotten, they have really cool soldiers and like these, The Colonists. I have a funny idea about a mod but ye... im not capable at all to make it, and I registered kinda only to say how cool the colonists looks like and about the idea.

My idea of a funny mod is that. The first human who got exposed to Tiberium and became the first mutant. ( First Forgotten ). Are a super powerfull fully tiberium crystalised man. That are hated by The Forgotten, GDI and NOD cause of that he wants to take over the world and make everything just like him. He have made his own redzones and can pollute any area himself. The Forgotten hate him because of that he think he should be the leader cause he is the first and the most powerfull. So he makes his own faction, his own country to take over the world and turn everyone into just like him. ( like Kane and his dictatorship ).

Anyway awesome mod. I just had to write that thing and didnt know were else to place it lol. I bet I regret that I left this idea after a day or two, but sometimes people just have to scream out something random. Some are bad and some are good, but hey im just a human lol

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