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Im no graphics ***. I think my review of DNF has settled that. I enjoy this for what it provides. A setting i enjoy (a cross between futuristic, steam punk, and western) The crazy guns, the awesome looking ATV's. And the quest/shooter setup it has makes it easy and fun to do multiple things and once, and really get through the game at a quick pace. Bought it 2 days ago, it finished downloading yesterday, so i fired it up. Instant 2 hours played. The music in the opening intro was haunting, and the first time you step out of the ARK was aiken to Fallout 3's coming out of the vault. Breathtaking world, it really is. I often find myself just staring at how good something looks. Sometimes the cell shading and texturing is so well done i cant tell if its fake or real. Sure theres a bit of texture pop in, that sort of comes with the cell shaded territory now doesnt it? Anyone remember the fuss made about Borderlands and the pop in when you spawn on a map, taking a few seconds to load before it un blurs? Anyways enough texture talk, Did we really buy this to go GFX crazy? Or did we buy it because of who made it, and what they promised. My outdated PC runs this on MAX, no lag, and a decent FPS. That is godly, and makes me mad, because why cant other PC games be as well optimized as this. It would make PC gaming a heck of a lot cheaper.


1000 Amps

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This is the best MOD ive ever played, These guys are offering something unparalleled for the PC. I played for 10 minutes and got hooked, i am determined to beat this. Great job on the translation to English and thank you guys for doing so. Helicopter intro was great, and the ground action after was perfectly balanced, not to many enemies where im overwhelmed, and not so little that im bored. If your on the fence about this, GET OFF THE DAMN FENCE AND CLICK DOWNLOAD ALREADY.


Duke Nukem Forever

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All the reviews are jokes and i now read them as such, i read them and laugh because they missed the entire point of this game, not only is it a nostalgia fest, but a great throw back to when shooters were longer then 4 hours, and when multiplayer was about blowing **** up, not killstreaks and attachments. Ive been enjoying this game since i bought it, and im glad i did buy it. Probly the best game on my Steam list right now, as for that LONG LOAD crap, thats consoles only, and even Gearbox themselves said this was made to play on a PC. hence why PC was used to showcase it. Dont like the load times? Get it for PC? And if you cant take it as a chance to go chug a beer then go back sit down and shut up. The loading if i had to sit through it would still be worth the content i get to experience when i hit my spacebar to start a level. The king is back, and its a shame most of you dont even realize, this is no more mature then Duke 3D was. So dont complain its juvenille, of course it is ITS DUKE! what the hell did you expect? Play it before you judge it, heres looking at you IGN. You failed us all review sites. Tons of content, worth the full price. and it was in 12 years of development hell, not, i repeat NOT BEING DEVELOPED FOR THE WHOLE 12 YEARS! So dont even try and use that as a complaint, this game was better then what i was expecting it to be, im happy with my purchase and i highly recommend this game as a nice break from all the modern war games. Long live the duke. And lets hope for another duke game, one made from scratch this time, Gearbox did a great job with what they had cant wait to see a game made fully by them added to this series. Good job Gearbox.



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Angry Birds

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Kinda fun, but to basic, gets old fast, and i find myself not wanting to play it... At all. I tried the free version and thats fine with me, not that i ever use it but.


Call of Duty: Black Ops

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Good game, fun singleplayer. Multi is good, gets way better when you reach about level 22 and 23, then you really get some good stuff until then use the mp5, then ak74 then galil all the way. Zombies is ok for a few runs. Wii gets one zombie map only, gets boring fast, l4d is better then the zombie mode in this for sure.


Halo 2

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Grand Theft Auto IV

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