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waldemar4 - - 6 comments

is the best model specialist in a great class

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jabbothehut - - 39 comments

Hi Lord,

I'm loving your Roar of Conquest mod as that late Medieval era into Renaissance era is very rare in Med 2 mods but you have done it very well.

I was going to ask you if you had considered balancing missile troops in a similar fashion to Stainless Steel, Titanium, and SSHIP. What I mean by this is that instead of having longbows, javelins, and xbows doing AP damage, you instead have the missiles perform Area damage instead. This stops missiles shredding everything on the battlefield front on and instead plays the role of damaging everyone in the unit and slowing them down whilst they advance so that once the damaged unit gets into combat it is at a disadvantage. Obviously flank and rear shots still melt troops.

It feels a lot more strategic, gameplay wise, and leans into authenticity as arrows didnt pierce plate armour (especially late period) from the ranges that they were usually shot from (obviously there are exceptions if it was mail/padded armour but that's why the shield was there). Currently having some low level skirmishers with javelins melt half of a frontline, sheilded and armoured unit with 2 throws is incredibly annoying and stupid to watch.

Let me know what you think as ultimately it is your mod and you have a vision for it :D. Thanks again!

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Columbus0000 - - 3 comments

do i need to install stainless steel for this mod Roar of Conquest to work?

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Lord_Vinciullo Creator
Lord_Vinciullo - - 229 comments

No, it is a stand-alone installation; my apologies for such a late response.

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BagaturKhan - - 7,922 comments

Keep up the good work! I gave you 10 in review.

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