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Crysis Warhead

Game review

The Call of the Fireflies

Mod review - 1 agree

In English :

Call Of The Fireflies is a UFO as we unfortunately see little!

Far shootings and laugh at all genres, this little mod adds a new image to the video game. An interesting concept and not without interest, despite some repetition that could block certain players. Despite this, it is clear that all is under control.

The level design is very neat and the atmosphere is original, although a bit empty at times. A little background music would not have been too much for me. But the sounds effects are perfect and well integrated.

Finally we note the attention to the simple fact that this mod is unusual and it gives a boost to an engine often badly exploited.

Great job!


In French :

Call Of The Fireflies est un ovni comme on en voit malheureusement peu!

Loin des fusillades et des ris en tout genres, ce petit mod apporte une nouvelle image au jeu vidéo. Un concept intéressant et pas dénué d'intérêt, malgré une certaines répétitive qui pourrait bloquer certains joueurs. Malgré cela, il est clair que l'ensemble est maitrisé.

Le level design est très soigné et l'ambiance est originale, bien qu'un peu vide par moment. Une petite musique en fond n'aurait pas été de trop selon moi. Cependant les sons et bruitages sont parfaits et bien intégrés.

Au final on retiendra l'attention sur le simple fait que ce mod sort de l'ordinaire et qu'il apporte un second souffle à un moteur souvent mal exploité.

Du très bon travail!




Mod review

He has some mods that are excellent and others that could have been ...

Jump In The City is one of those mods that should have been a reference. Unfortunately, it is otherwise.

What can I say? Otherwise the project has been sloppy and poorly done. Optimization is absent, the framerate is simply atrocious (12fps average) and I do not mean the gameplay, which is really just A tote general, but without any logic:

We run on walls, jumping, falling, one shooting, jumping, falling again and shot again and again ... Where is the scenario?!

And here we are entitled to ask: How have wasted so much potential.

The answer is simple:

The developer chose to work on the beauty, rather than just the gameplay.

And it's really sad. But I congratulate the quality of the level design, despite its obvious lack of optimization.




Game review - 7 agree - 4 disagree

In the video game world, if there is a class apart is the FPS.

Often poorly designed, too often nag and sometimes too vague. And yet, some of them stand out. Like Doom in his time or Castle Wolfestein, Crysis captivated gamers with its originality, but especially by its graphic quality.

Because let's face it, Crysis is nothing more than a technology showcase. Far from being bad, the gameplay is still pretty bland and ultimately it was almost like being cheated. The famous aircraft carrier bug will have made a crisis more ...

Despite this, the innovative idea of Nanosuit managed to cover the major part of the recurring problems of the game:

- The AI is often clumsy, see no logical
- The difficulty, even in the Delta remains one level Casual Gamer
- And the story is just trite and without any personality

So of course we would welcome the quality of Aliens, they would still have to be originals. And I do not even use the engine, just disappointing.

And it is surely the worst point of the game physics engine with extraordinary ability could be exploited much more and yet physics has little interest in the end because very often apart.

However, we congratulate the quality of level design and the soundtrack, be careful and original, it still brings a lot to the ambience. Finally, the sound of aliens are just frigid and that's the charm in the second part of the game

Finally, a game neither good nor bad, but that will not be remembered. However, the engine is simply gargantuan. And on this point, Crytek has hit very hard!




Engine review

The CryEngine 2 is like a good movie. It looks, one admires, we laugh (because of bugs), you cry (because of bugs), we have fun and finally, we regret that development is already completed.

Let us say right away, the CryEngine 2 is a monster of gaming development.
Most tools require learning, but fortunately, Crytek's and the Crysis's community have had the good idea to deploy a lot of tutorials and a manual.

Overall, it does not have much to say. The interface is well thought out, the engine is relatively stable, despite a few crashes sometimes unexpected. But just look at the amount of opportunities to realize in reality, the possibilities are endless.

Time Of Day and physics are two tools really well developed and well designed. Although I have many physical gap.

The flowgraph will without a doubt the best point of the engine. Simply excellent and intuitive.

Finally, we regret simply a lack of assistance on certain tools, such as voxels, the TrackView or source code.

But in any case, this engine is a reference both visually and in terms of creativity.

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