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Project Dualis

Game review - 1 agree

Had a blast reading this and having the game voiced was surprising as not alot of visual novels of this scale would include one.

If you have 30minutes to spare Project Duelis is a great little time filler.


The Stanley Parable

Mod review - 2 agree

Can't say I enjoyed this and with all the hype I was expecting something less average.



Game review

Has the foundations to be a great game and with every version grows closer to that goal.



Game review

What a great hidden gem Tessallation is. From the fantastic visuals to the soothing music playing in the background, Tessallation has everything a great puzzle game could ever ask for.



Game review

Looking for a fast paced addictive game to keep you entertained for under 10mb? Then KarBOOM is the game for you, don't be let off by the simple look of the game its surprising fun. And its only going to get better as more versions come out!


id Tech 2

Engine review - 2 agree

Great Engine with Great games built from them. Set the par for along time along with spawning of fantastic games. This engine has held its self against many other engines at the time of the release and even now. 7/10



Game review - 1 agree

One of the best lan games someone could ever ask for.


Cube 2: Sauerbraten

Game review

Easy game to pick up and play.


Iron Grip: Warlord

Game review

Iron Grip Warlords being based on the id Tech 3 engine I was expecting a somewhat fast paced game and boy did it deliver. It inherits the classic bunnyhopping from the quake engine which just blends so perfectly with the general pacing of the game.

Unlike other shooters Warlords has a different take as it mixes the tower defense genre into the first person genre. Players can easily hotswap between tower defense view and first person view via pressing one key. This easy of change makes for some hectic moments which you will undoubtedly face as you need to quicky place down some towers and traps while being under fire from infantry and tanks.

The gameworld its self really does a great job at immersion with airships flying overhead to the towns the battlefields take place in and the sounds playing around you. If steampunk strikes your fancy then you will really enjoy the visuals in Iron grip.

Since Iron grip is very much a tower defense game the maps also reflect that with the classic maze designs you would see in tower defense games as well as some simple layouts.

One of the primary merits for the game is the weapon and upgrade system. Players can purchase health, more weapon damage, new weaponary and other upgrades. Having all these upgrade options presents the player with opportunities to play different roles. Do I become a tanky close quarters with shotgun and flamethrower, maybe I want to be more of a support and upgrade the towers to be stronger instead or maybe anti vehicles guy sounds like your thing.

Muliplayer, thats right I said multiplayer. Warlords to me is all about the online as teamwork plays alot into the overall game. Teamwork just naturally occurs as players join into the game. This can also have a con that if you start understanding how the game works and how to use the weapons to be the most effective along with everyone else playing than online becomes a breeze even on the hardest difficulties.

Go buy the game already!


Quake Engine

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